Hesham Selim

Hisham Selim is a prominent film, television and theatre actor. He is the son of the famous football player and coach of the football team Al Alhy, Saleh Selim. Hisham is also the brother in law of movie and television superstar, Yousra (who guest stars in four episodes of Critical Moments Season One). Hisham studied Art and French at the Royal Academy of Art in London.
His acting career began in 1982 when he played Faten Hamama's son in the well known film, "Embratoreyet Meem" directed by Hussein Kamal. Many roles quickly followed in theatre and films. He soon became a star winning the hearts and admiration of many fans with his good looks, charm and talent. Though he is greatly respected for his versatility as an actor he has often been cast in aristocratic roles.
He has appeared in many hit films including "Awdat al ibn al dal" directed by the greatly respected cinema icon, Youssef Shahin, "Iskanderija,” “Kaman oue Kaman," "Al-aragoz," and "Al Assifa." Among his most memorable television series are: "Al masrawya," "Leqaa ala al hawaa," "Layali Al Helmeya" and "Arabesque."
Hisham Selim stars in Critical Moments Seasons One and Two in the challenging role of Doctor Moataz.

Amr Waked

Amr's impressive career started out with a bang, with his win of the Best Supporting Actor award in 1998 from the Alexandria Film Festival for his role in Ganet El Shayateen, followed by critical acclaim for his performance in the short film Lilly; playing a young cleric in a poor neighborhood who falls in love with a local girl.
Amr's major feature-film break came in the groundbreaking 2001 film, Ashab Walla Business. Virtually unknown by the general movie-going public at the time, Amr’s supporting role as a Palestinian activist was so well developed and convincing that many viewers left the theater believing Amr was a Palestinian actor. Since then his reputation as a serious and dedicated actor has continued to grow.
He won a Best Actor award for his performance in Deil El Samaka, which led to a number of successful films like Ahla Al Awkat, Khalty Faransa (with Critical Moments guest star Mona Zaki), the action film Tito, with recurring Critical Moments guest star Ahmed El Sakka, and the lead role in the family film Sib Wana Sib.
He worked with another very famous Critical Moments guest star; Yousra, in Kalam Fel Hob, before being asked by Hollywood star George Clooney to work in the international hit film, Syriana. Joining the cast of Critical Moments in the starring role of the brilliant but troubled Dr. Ramy was next, an experience which validated his reputation as a magnetic star with the subtle skills of a great actor. After shooting a demanding schedule of 32 episodes for Critical Moments’ first season, Amr was called on to play Hussein Kamel al Majid in the HBO series House of Saddam.
An actor in great demand, Amr managed to film a starring role in Genenet Al Asmak and worked again with his old friend Ahmed El Sakka in Ibrahim Labyad, before returning to star in Critical Moments Seasons Two and Three.

Mahmoud Abdel Moghny

Mahmoud burst on the international film scene with his captivating role as Fathy in the critically acclaimed Mallaki Iskandariya. A starring role in Dam El Ghazal followed, playing the real-life story of terrorist Reda "Reesha." The film was directed by Mohamed Yassine, and co-stared his future Critical Moments colleague Amr Waked.
Mahmoud had been seen by the producers of Critical Moments who were searching for the perfect actor to play Dr. Khaled. Mahmoud was not sure if he should do a TV show when asked, as his feature film career was on a meteoric rise. But one look at the script and the fresh approach the series was bringing to television and his mind was made up. Mahmoud brings a warmth and sensitivity to the role of Dr. Khaled which has endeared him to audiences throughout the world. In addition to starring in Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three, Mahmoud found time to return to the big screen to star in Amir Ramsis' mystery Thriller, Kashf Hesab and Sherif Arafa's Gezira.

Yasser Galal

Yasser Galal graduated from the prestigious High Institute of Theater Arts in 1990. He has starred in many films and series including "Lan Aesh Fe Gelbab Aby." His most significant role was the highly memorable one he played in the television series "Yetraba Fe Ezzo."
Among his very popular movies are "Bono Bono," "El Farah," "Amir Al Behar" and "Shage' El Sima." He stars in Critical Moments Seasons Two and Three as the unforgettable, Dr. Selim.


Even as a child, Bushra had the desire to become an actress. Her cosmopolitan personality would eventually drive her to become a television and radio host, a television and film actress and an internationally known singer.
At age of 11 she had her first acting job in a documentary film about the world famous singer, Um Kalthoum. She spent her early school years learning several languages including English, Italian and German. She also took ballet classes for 11 years studying with renowned professor 'Laura Laurella.'
At age 18, she had already worked her way up to becoming the youngest correspondent for Dubai and Abu Dhabi satellite TV networks. At age 19 she starred in the sitcom, "Shabab Online," which was rated number one at the time. Soon after, Bushra gained great success playing an influential role in the famous TV series "Al Amma Nour" alongside Nabila Ebeid and Ahmed El Fishawy.
She then hosted "Ibtasem Ma'a Dream" on Dream TV. Always seeking new entertainment venues, her next conquest was radio where she hosted "Bushra and Booki" on Nogoom FM.
Bushra then returned to television where she played major roles in popular series such as, "Lek 'Al Hawa" (alongside one of Critical Moments’ Season One's first guest stars, Yousra), "Ya Ward Meen Yeshtirik" (with Smaira Ahmed) and "As'hab Al Makam Al Rafi" (with Hussein Fahmy) and of course, she stars in Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three. In 2006 she released a duet album with Sherif called Baad El Gharam. The hit single "Manakak" was a great success. In 2009 she released her second album, "Ehky." In Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three she plays the dynamic role of Dr. Youmna, a passionate member of the hospital staff whose personal life is intertwined with work as her love interest is also a doctor in the same hospital.
In addition to her starring roles in Critical Moments her many fans have enjoyed her in Fattah Einek, El Eial Herbet, Hosh Elii Weke'a Mennak, Wesh Egram, An El Eshq Wal Hawa and Ana Msh Ma'ahom. Recently, she won Best Actress Award in the Dubai International Film Festival for her role in the film 678.

Rhonda El Beheiry

Rhonda El Behairy made a major impact on the film scene with her debut in the low-budget smash hit, Awqat Faragh. This film about young people struck a chord with audiences everywhere and the exotic beauty and talent of Rhonda was noticed by all who saw her. In Critical Moments Season Two Rhonda reprises her starring role of Fatima, a young medical student turned doctor who is still learning the ropes at the hospital.
Trained as a martial-arts expert, with a black belt in karate, Rhonda exudes an inner physical strength that gives unique power to her roles. And yet she was able to show a very vulnerable side as Fatima.
Rhonda is never one to stand still. During the shooting of Critical Moments, Rhonda joined the cast of Hassan wa Morcus, co-starring with screen legend Omar Sharif. She was then offered a lead role in the action film, Ghurfah 707, where she had a chance to show off some of her martial arts as well as her dramatic skills.

Hanan Motawie

Hanan Motawie, is the daughter of the actress Soheir Al Morshedy and the actor Karam Motawie. She was born on March 2nd, which makes her zodiac sign Pisces. Hanan started her acting career in "Hadeeth El sabah wa El masaa."
Hanan has played many important roles in movies such as "Qas we Lazq" by Hala Khalil, "The Forest and "Heliopolis" as well as in TV series like "Sara," "Awlad Elshaware," "Aghla men Hayaty," "Azmet Sokkar" and "Wekalet Ateyya." In addition, she has had several roles in popular theatre including, "Al sultan Al hae'r." She was awarded "Best Supporting Actress" for her role in the movie "Qas we Lazq," "Best actress" by the TV channel ART for her role in the TV series,"Aghla men Hayaty."
The young actress loves to spend her free time with her family, and listening to music, traveling and reading. In Critical Moments Seasons Two and Three she plays the role of the sensitive, Dr. Hoda.

Tarek Lotfy

Tarek Lotfy was born on November 20th 1969. He graduated from the Academy of Arts with a Bachelor in Acting and Directing. Tarek caught the eye of the late cinema director Atef El Tayeb who believed in his talent and introduced him in the movie, "Blood on the Asphalt" in 1991.
Since then he has played many important roles in TV series and films, including the hit series, "The Family,” “Girl from Shobra” and the movie "Fi El Eshq we Al Hawa." He won his first Cinema acting award for "Best New Talent" in 1992. In Critical Moments Seasons Two and Three he plays the emotional role of the conflicted Dr. Hesham.

Ahmed Rateb

Ahmed Rateb was born on January 23rd, 1948. His father was a director of the Government Printing House and also a published poet. Though he always had an interest in the arts, Ahmed's first course of study was engineering but soon he joined the High Institute of Dramatic Arts, graduating with a dual degree in Dramatic Arts and Engineering in 1975.
After serving in the military, he joined the Vanguard Theater in 1977. A growing reputation as a solid actor able to shine in comedy as well as drama led to roles in plays such as Uncle Vanya, The Price of Freedom, and All the Sons of God Have Wings. After two seasons as the lead in the play Married, he turned over the role to Abu-Bones in order to star in the one man theatrical piece entitled, Sneezing is Fatal, based on a story by Chekhov.
Though he continued to perform in the theater, the call of the big screen was too strong. Director Mohamed Abdel Aziz sought him out to play a major role in the critically acclaimed romantic comedy, Katel Ma Katelsh Had. The audience and critics paid attention, and Ahmed was well on his way. A number of roles followed, including his first film with Yousra, the popular adventure comedy Nos Arnab, The Serpent of Death, and again another film with Yousra, the highly successful action comedy Al Irhab Wal Kabab. Two more starring roles followed; Al Irhabi and Zeyaret El Sayed El Rais before Ahmed's popularity led to his first TV series, Om Kulthum. He had hardly finished that series when he was booked in another, the much beloved musical comedy Joha Al Masri, co-starring with another future Critical Moments guest star, Mona Zaki. Several TV series and films followed, including the blockbuster, Yakobian Building which reunited Ahmed with Yousra among others. The film won several awards, including a top prize for best new director to Marwan Hamed (who would later direct an episode of Critical Moments) at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival.
The producers of Critical Moments where pleased when Ahmed agreed to play the cranky and opinionated Mohamed Hussein in the series, because his knack for comedy creates much needed relief from some of the tense dramatic moments the show depicts. And yet, Ahmed is able to show a surprising tender side to Mohamed's character, as when Dr. Khaled becomes a patient in the OR undergoing a life-threatening surgery. Ahmed is proud of his career accomplishments, but nothing in his work makes him more proud than his family: Ahmed has three daughters: Lubna, a graduate of English studies at the University for Science and Technology, Lamia, a graduate of Spanish studies who is currently working on her doctorate, and Havidtan, his eldest daughter, a Greek and Latin scholar, who has been accepted into the prestigious Brown University..

Amir Karara

Like many of his generation, Amir started his career appearing in TV ads in the late 90's. He become widely known to audiences when he began hosting the very popular, "Star Maker," the highly rated talent show similar to American Idol. Amir was next widely seen in his starring role in the sitcom, "Shabab on Line," where he met his Critical Moments colleague Bushra.
However his role in "Zaki Chan" opposite the famous comedian Ahmed Helmy was what got him noticed by many movie fans. This very popular film airs regularly on movie channels to this very day. Amir is well known for his charming good looks. He is an accomplished athlete and he appeared in the action film directed by Osman Abu Laban, "Special Missions."
He stars in Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three as the intriguing Dr. Amr, famous for his infatuation with his married colleague, Dr. Laila, played by Injy El Mokadem.

Ammar Chalak

Ammar is the eldest son in a close-knit family, with a younger brother and sister. He’s the son of two literature teachers but Ammar studied computer science as a major for two years before discovering a passion for acting.
As a young actor, Ammar was careful with his choices and studied his roles diligently, creating and maintaining a well-deserved reputation as a dedicated and insightful performer. His first leading role was the TV series, Awrak Al Zaman El Murr. As his popularity grew he was offered choice starring roles in more TV series including Ebnat Al Mouallem, Nidal, Akher Al Fursan, and Ghariba. Still, he kept in touch with his theatrical roots, performing in important plays such as Che (brilliantly playing Che Guevara) and Al Shar Al Awsat.
His first film role, Tayf Al Madina, swept the awards of both the Belgium and Can Guetro film festivals. The film Lei Tansam Alamak was a role that he managed to fit in between his busy TV schedule, followed by Al Mash'had Al Akhir, directed by Ghassan Estephan. Ammar returned to the Belgium Film Festival, this time for the acclaimed Falafel which garnered the highest honor the festival could bestow; the Best Film Award. Another award winner was the recent Khallik Mabi, this time at the Cairo international Film Festival. If that wasn't enough, soon afterwards Ammar received international acclaim for, Falling from Earth, directed by Chady zein El Din, winning awards at the Dubai Film Festival and the New York Film festival.
Starring in Seasons One, Two and Three of Critical Moments has been a rewarding experience for Ammar, the chance to broaden his fan base to the international TV audience, an honor he takes in stride with his characteristic humility.

Nidal El Shafie

He is a Higher Institute of Drama Arts graduate. He later joined the Innovation Center workshop for acting, from which many talented actors have graduated.
Nidal started performing in national plays, but his television debut was in the sitcom "Tamer and Shawkeya" where he played the part of Sayed, Shawkia's brother.
He starred in several important films including, El Gezira. Nidal plays the very popular and always surprising character, Dr. Tamer in Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three.


Dorra Zarrouk has starred in many films. She studied Economics and Political Science but ultimately, she chose acting as a career.
She has starred in many films including "Al Awelah Fel Gharam," "Heya Fawda," "Al Hob Keda," "Kelashenkof" and "Lelet El Baby Doll." She also pleased audiences with her performances in important television series such as "Tayara Warak," "Fou'sh," "Khass Gedan" and "Al A'ar." In Critical Moments Seasons Two and Three, she plays the part of free thinking Dr. Nagwa

Injy Mokadem

Injy Mokadem is an actress and television host who started her career with the popular TV program, Al Selem Wel Te'ban on Orbit TV. This hosting role continued until 2006 when she launched into acting. Jump-starting her acting career, she first starred in Ahmed Etgawez Mona. In 2007, she began her starring role in Critical Moments appearing in 15 episodes in the first season. At the same time as audiences were beginning to know her as a serious dramatic actress she also hosted two notable programs on OTV; Masa'ak Sokar Zeyada and Sabahak Sokar Zeyada.
Injy also appeared in, Abwab Al Khouf (series), Haramt Ya Baba (sitcom), and Al Wade3a Weh Al Zea'b. Injy continues her acting career with her most challenging dramatic role to date, juggling two competing romances in Seasons Two and Three of Critical Moments.

Sawsan Badr

Sawsan always had an interest in acting and theater, though her first course of study was science. Her passion for acting won out and she switched majors, graduating from the prestigious High Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1979.
After a successful career on stage and television, including a Best Actress Award for the play, The Land of Attended Flowers she gained international acclaim for her breakthrough performance in the riveting dramatic film, The Closed Door in which she played a divorced single mother trying to make ends meet to care for her disturbed son. The role won her a Best Actress Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, cementing her stature as one of the great dramatic actresses of her generation.
Prestigious dramatic roles in films by top directors, soon followed, such as the provocative, Asrar El Banaat, the crime drama, Adam's Autumn, and Men Nazret Ain, which features two Critical Moments actors; Mona Zaki and Amr Waked. Once again, she worked with Amr Waked, in the realistic portrayal daily life, Dail El Samakah. She has also done comedy, proving her versatility in such films as Hob El Banat, the musical, Mafeesh Gher Keda and the romantic comedy, Kas Wa Lask. She appeared in the hit drama, Ibrahim Labyad, starring Ahmed El Sakka and Ehky Ya Scheherazade. She has continued to star in many of the best cinema and television productions.

Amy Samir Ghanem

The daughter of comic actor Samir Ghanem and actress Dalal Abd Elaziz, Amy started her career dubbing the animated series "Aelet Elostaz Amin" and the famous "Bogy we Tamtam." Her first television on screen acting role was in the series "Khas Gedan." She then played very popular roles in the feature films, "Asal Eswad," "Samir we Shahir we Bahir," and "Bolbol Hairan." After starring in Critical Moments Season Two she's back again playing the part of the much loved, Aisha in Season Three.

Yosra El Lozy

Her father, Mahmoud El Lozy, is a professor of theatre. Yosra is majoring in Political Science and minoring in theatre and modern history. Her first experience in professional acting was in Youssef Chahine's "Alexandria..New York" where she played the role of young Ginger. Yosra loves playing the piano and dancing ballet. She also likes to play football with her father. She is also a highly talented singer. Yosra has acted in many theatre productions including, "A Silly Goose", "The Sultan's Dilemma", "Sulayman EL Halabi" and "Reader.” Though she has an active cinema and television career, she hopes to pursue her studies in international law. In Critical Moments Season Two she plays the brilliant but troubled medical intern, Shaza. She returns in Season Three to continue and resolve Shaza’s romantic entanglements.

Safaa El Tokhy

Safaa El Toukhy is the daughter of two writers; Abd Allah El Toukhy and Fat'heya El Assal. Safaa herself started her career as a writer and graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1994. She is known for the moving realism she brings to all her dramatic roles. This rare talent has allowed her to play the role of compassionate and much loved and respected Head Nurse Aziza in a very special way in Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three.
Among her many previous dramatic series appearances are roles in: Sour Magra El Eoun, Banat Souad Hanem, Aasr El Ouma, El Zeni Barakat, Ashwak El Ward, and Al Sarayah. She also works in theatre and has been seen in: Moshahanat El Khadamat, Sefah, and 1968.

Ahmed Hatem

Ahmed was born on the 26th of December, 1987. His father is the vice president to the editor in chief of "Al Ahram" newspaper. Along with his busy schedule as a star of Critical Moments Season Two and Three, Ahmed is studying mass communication, specializing in broadcasting. Ahmed's first acting experience was in "Awkat Faragh" produced in 2006 and directed by Mohamed Mostafa.
His second movie, "El Magic," was a sequel to the successful "Awkat Faragh." In both films Ahmed appeared in the lead role. In Critical Moments Seasons Two and Three he plays a character conflicted by romantic interests he can't seem to sort out.
Aside from acting, Ahmed enjoys singing and writing as well as sports like football and swimming.

Yousef Fawzy

Yousef Fawzy is an actor who has worked in numerous productions, among them the series: Opera Aaida, Mabrouk Galak Aala' and Critical Moments. His films include the well known, Saeedy Rayeh Gai.
His first appearance on the big screen was in a movie called, The Black Tiger in which he appeared alongside the great cinema star, Ahmed Zaki, playing a young fanatic German who opposes estranged Arabs and is therefore constantly at odds with Ahmed Zaki's character.
This first major achievement launched his career, quickly bringing in roles in; Fares Bela Hodood, Melh Al Ard, and Eish feh Ghaybouba.
His recent works includes Zarf Tarek and appearances in many series including; Hema Ayam Al Dehk Weh Al Demoua, Malek Farouk and Hawanem Garden City. In Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three he stars as the embattled hospital administrator, Dr. Galal.

Safaa Galal

Safaa Galal’s career took off when she worked with the ad director George Dos who recommended her to director Galal El Sharkawy. She played a role in one of his popular plays claiming her own star title ever since.
Safaa played many important roles in movies and TV series like "Hawanem Garden City," "Rayya we Sekina" and "Hadf Bahr." She has starred in three seasons of Critical Moments as the unforgettable character, Hanan.

Ramzy Lehner

Ramzy Lehner was born on March 21st 1977. He graduated from the American University majoring in Theatre Direction. His acting career began with a role in the movie, "Natural Colors” by Osama Fawzy. He then took roles in several movies including Jean Jacques Annaud's "Black Gold," "Love Story” by Iman Haddad, and "Al Gamea" by Hany Khalifa.
Ramzy loves directing theatre and electronic music productions.

Ola Roshdy

Ola was born into a diplomatic family with which she traveled all over the world. She was blessed with her ability to learn languages quickly and she now Arabic, English, Italian and French fluently and can manage with a bit of Spanish.
Her love for acting began as a young child in her primary school where she won the "story-tell-a-thon" trophy in third grade. She graduated university earning an honor's degree. Awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration she then returned to her main passion…acting.
She began her professional acting career with the famous movie "El Selem wel Teeban" directed by Tarek El Eryan, followed by a role in the sitcom "Shabab Online." Ola later starred in an independent short film directed by Asmaa El Bakry, "Al onf wal sokhreya" after which she appeared in several hit movies including "Dam Ghazal" and "Halim" which was directed by one of Critical Moments’ star directors, Sherif Arafa. She also starred in the comedy show "Pisso's family" and later was in four seasons of the hit sitcom, "Tamer & Shawkeya".
Her career has reached a new level as she has now starred in the series, "Magnoon Layla,” with Layla Elwy and Khaled Aboul Naga, directed by Mohamed Ali. She is known for her hilarious comedy In Seasons Two and Three of Critical Moments she plays the delicate character she created in Season One, Mounira.

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