Guest Stars

She is the sister-in-law of the famous actor, Hesham Selim who is himself a star of Critical Moments Seasons One and Two. She first appeared in 1980 in the film Athkiya Laken Aghbiya. Yousra quickly became very popular with audiences going on to co-star with Adel Emam in several major hit films.
In 1982, she co-starred in Hadduta Misriyah, directed by Yousef Chahine, then went on to Ala Bab El Wazir, co-starring with Adel Emam, which cemented her success and led to even greater roles. In 1984, she starred with Adel Emam, Hussein El Sherbiny, and Salah Nazmi in Avocato.
More recently, she gave an outstanding performance in El Assafa, with Hanan Turk, Hany Salama and Mohamed Nagaty. In 2003 she joined the cast of the television series Malak Rohy and was immediately recognized as a star of both Cinema and television. She continues to be the biggest draw each season and is watched and adored by millions. In 2005 she was in Kalam Fel Hob with young actress Hanan Turk and Hesham Selim. She later appeared in the star-studded film, The Yaccoubian Building, adapted from the novel by the same name.
Yousra also stars in Mategy Norkos, which is similar in theme to Shall We Dance, Yousra plays a lawyer bored with her daily routine who joins a dancing school tutored by a handsome young man (Tamer Hagras, another guest star of Critical Moments). This shocks her husband (Ezzat Abu Ouf, also a guest star of Critical Moments Season One and a star of Critical Moments Season Two). The film co-stars Hala Sadky, Emmy, Talaat Zeen and Tamer Hagras, and was directed by Enas El Daghidy.
In Critical Moments, Yousra plays a powerful businesswoman who must try to reconcile with her younger sister in the aftermath of a major tragedy.

Mona Zaki

Mona Zaki has become one of the top stars of her generation. Her natural acting style brings a welcome freshness to both cinema and television. When she was 16, Mona responded to an advertisement by Mohamed Sobhi who was looking for some fresh faces for his play, Bel Araby El Faseeh. Mona didn't even prepare an audition piece, she just wanted to meet the famous actor and director. She got more than she bargained for when he cast her in one of the lead roles of the production. Mohammed Sobhi became Mona's mentor, encouraging her to harness her natural talent with ballet classes and voice lessons. In college where she studied Mass Communications she was introduced to director Ismail Abdel Hafez who promptly chose her to play a part in El A'elah, a series that marked her TV debut.
Many series followed, including, Khalty Safiyya wal Deir, Ahalina, Nesf Rabee Al-Akhar, and El Do El Shared. She is popular with audiences of all ages, but has always been especially popular with teenagers. Her career exploded on the big screen in 1997 with her starring role in Al Katl Al Lazeez with Mervat Amin. She then revealed a gift for comedy in the hilarious, Saeedi Fel Gamaa El Amerikia with Mohammed Heneidy and Ahmed El Sakka (who is himself a guest star in two episodes of Critical Moments Season One and one episode of Critical Moments Season Two).
A major award-winning role in the film Edhak El Soora Tetlaa' Helwa followed, directed by Sherif Arafa (an esteemed director of Critical Moments) with the famed actor, Ahmed Zaki. Mona considers this film very close to her heart.
Many box office hits followed, including Omar 2000, El Hobb El Awal, and Leih Khallitni Ahibbak. But Mona really outdid herself when she played the role of Gihan El Sadat in Ayam El Sadat, the groundbreaking film about President Anwar El Sadat. Her success kept growing with the popularity of her next movies, Africano and Mafia, and she continued broadening her acting range delivering stunning performances in Sahar El Layali, Men Nazret Ein , Khalti Faransa and many more.
She also stars in Ehky ya Scheherazade with Mahmoud Hemida, about a talk show host who stirs up political controversy when she focuses her on-air discussions on the topic of women's rights issues.
Despite her huge success in the cinema, Mona's heart remains in the theater and during her career has starred in numerous plays, among them, Le'b Eyal, Ya Messafer Wahdak, Afrouto and Keda OK.
Mona Zaki is married to Ahmed Helmy, who appeared briefly in an episode of Critical Moments in which his wife Mona was the guest star. Mona and Ahmed are the proud parents of a lovely young girl named Lily.

Gamal Sulieman

Jamal Suliman is a prominent Syrian born producer, director and actor in cinema, television and stage. Born in 1959 in Damascus, by the age of fourteen his interest in theatre drove him to practice performing as an amateur. Years later he enrolled in the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts in Damascus to study acting. Graduating in 1981, he joined the Syrian National Theatre performing a variety of roles until 1985.
In 1988 he received a Master's degree in Drama Studies from Leeds University in Great Britain. He then went back to working as a professional actor in television and films performing many leading roles in highly respected Syrian dramas such as; "Hijrat al Qolub elal Qolub," "Khan el Harir" directed by Hakim Haqqi, "Al-Mawt al-Qadem minal Sharq" directed by Najdat Anzour and "Salah Al-din" the epic life story of the famous historic figure, Saladdin.
In 1999 he was appointed an ambassador of The United Nations Fund for Population.
Along with his charitable work he appeared in many popular television series including, "Zekraiat al-Zaman al-Qadem," "Al-Khait al-Abiad" and "Al-Tagreeba al-Falastinia."
In 2005 he was in the hit film, "Halim" alongside the great actor, Ahmed Zaki. "Halim" was Ahmed Zaki's last film. This film was directed by Sherif Arafa, himself one of the directors of Critical Moments.
Jamal's career took a dramatic turn with his starring role in the extremely popular Egyptian television series, "Hada'eq el-Shaytan" which solidified his well deserved position as an audience favorite throughout the Arab television world. He gave a stunning performance as a guest star in Critical Moments Season One playing a famous concert pianist whose unexpected medical condition threatens his career but expands his compassionate understanding.


A superstar singer who gained immense fame using the words of the great poet Abd El Wahab Mohamed in her songs and releasing countless hit albums. She continues releasing successful songs and albums to this day. Latifa also had a successful acting experience with the renowned, late, director Yousef Chahin, who had selected her to be his star in, "Sekout Hansawar.”
Rouby, Ahmed Wafik and Ahmed Bedeer also co-starred with Latifa in the movie. Latifa is a guest star in an episode of Critical Moments Season One playing herself.

Leila Elwy

Leila Elwy began her career at a very young age. When she was seven years old, she was in a radio program called, "Abla Fadila" and she also appeared in the television show "Mama Samiha." At fifteen she appeared on stage for the first time in, "Tamam Sittat," a play by Galal El Sharkawy.
Her extensive appearances in theatre, cinema and television series have established her among the top rated stars in the world. She has starred in more than seventy movies and has been honored many times at international festivals with prestigious awards for her emotional roles. Leila has also served on many jury committees of local and international film festivals.
Among her most memorable plays are, "El Brensisa" and "El Gamila Wel Weshin." On the big screen, her most unforgettable performance has been in the film, "Al Mozneboon." Though she has had many starring television roles, she's perhaps best known for the audience favorite, "Al Taw 2am."
In Critical Moments Season One, Leila plays the heartbreaking role of a woman who changes her life for the love of a former fiancé hoping he will share her dreams.

Ahmed El Sakka

After graduating from the Academy of Arts he began his acting career appearing in the mini-series, "Nesf Rabeea El-Akhar."
In 1998 he was introduced to cinema audiences in the film, "Sa'eedi fi El Gamaa El Amrekiia" alongside movie star Mohamed Henedi. This film became one of the highest grossing movies in local cinema history and led Sakka to further movie roles. The following year he co-starred in "Hamam fi Amsterdam" in which he played the type of tough guy character he would become famous for in many films to come.
His first starring role came in 2000 in the film, "Short we Fanellah we Cap." The following year he worked with acclaimed cinema director Sherif Arafa for the first time in "Mafia" co-starring Critical Moments’ guest star Mona Zaki. This film became the most critically and financially successful film of the year." Mafia" quickly established Sakka as a premier action star in cinema. More starring roles followed: "Tito," "El Gezeira" (again directed by Critical Moments director, Sherif Arafa) and "Ibrahim Labyad" co-starring another Critical Moments guest star, Hend Sabri, directed by Marwan Hamed, who directed an episode of Critical Moments.
Ahmed El Sakka guest stars in Critical Moments Season One and Season Two as the continuing popular character detective Gasser.

Rasha Mahdy

Rasha studied Drama and Drama Criticism at the Institute of Performing Arts. She started her acting carrier in 2002 in a short movie called, "Moraba Dayer. “ She followed this with celebrated performances in Television series like "Leqaa Ala ElHawa,” "Ala Nar Hadya,” "Al Ganeb Al Akhar mn AlShatea,” Critical Moments Season One and Critical Moments Season Two. She also has an active cinema career appearing in "Film Hindy,” "Wahid mn El Nas,” "Mikano" and "Badal Faqed" playing "Habeba" the role that won her the ART Festival Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Ezzat Abou Ouf

Ezzat is a medical doctor and a much revered star of television and cinema. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine but his love for the arts drew him away from his field of study.
During his youth, along with his sisters, he formed and played in a band named "4 M." Being on stage as a musician influenced him and encouraged him to launch his acting career. One of his sisters, Maha Abou Ouf is today a much admired actress.
Some of Ezzat Abou Ouf's greatly popular movies are, "Ice Cream in Gleam,” "Strawberry War," "Birds of Darkness," "The Woman Who Shocked The Throne," "A Hot Night," "The Other" and "Smile, The Photograph Looks Great." In addition, Abou Ouf has starred in numerous successful series including, "Yakobian Building," "Garden City Ladies" and "King Farouk." In Critical Moments Seasons One and Two he is a guest star playing the chilling role of Dr. Fouad.

Habib Ghuloom

A great Emirati artist who acquired his Bachelor's degree in acting and directing from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Kuwait, his Masters with excellence in directing and dramatic acting from the Arts Academy and his PhD. in Theater from Manchester University in 1999.
Habib has participated in many unique plays such as "We Akdasah," "El Moharegoon," "El Khouf," and "A Story That Was Not Told By Shahrazad," in addition, he has appeared in many television series including Seasons One, Two and Three of Critical Moments in which he guest stars as the wise, caring character, Sayed Abdullah.

Amr Youssef

A young actor who started in show business as a talk show host. Soon after he became well known as a television host he began taking steps towards developing his acting career by appearing in the series, "El Daly." The show helped Youssef build a strong fan base which won him the opportunity to continue his role in the second season.
Actress Hanan Tork has co-starred with him in two popular series, "Hanem Bent Pacha" and "Blind Cats" which earned a special place for Amr among the most respected stars of TV drama.
Youssef had his first cinema acting experience playing a small role in "Nour Einy." He later landed a leading role in "Maqlab Haramia." In Season Two of Critical Moments, he plays the role of Tarek, the fiancé of Dr. Fatima (Rhonda El Behairy).

Hassan Hosny

Although he entered the acting field in his primary school's theater club, his great fame didn't come until a much later age when he became widely known as a premier star of comedy. He is known as labeled "the godfather of young actors" as he has often supported rising young stars in their first acting experiences.
Hosny has starred in many movies that are celebrated as great works in the history of cinema. Among them; "El Karnak," "El Sakka has Died," "The Bus Driver," "Goodbye My Son," "The Innocent," "The Wife of an Important Person," "Seraa el Ahfad," "The Volcano," "The Escape," "El Masateel" and "Demaa ala el Asflat."
As he has been known to support up and coming stars, he has appeared in many successful youth targeted movies such as "El Nazer," "El Lemby," "El Farah," "Bobos," "El Pacha Telmeez," "Leilet Sekout Baghdad," and "Gaalatny Mogreman."
In addition, he has entertained theater audiences in numerous plays including, "Hazemny Yah," "Afrotto," "Lama Baba Yenam," "Gooz we Looz" and "Ala el Raseef."
Hosny has also been loved by fans in many great series such as, "Raafat El Hagan," "Malek Rouhy," "Gesr el Khatar," "Ayn Qalby," "Om Kalthoum," in addition to appearing as a guest star in both the first and the second seasons of Critical Moments portraying the character Khaliel, the stepfather of Mohamed Hussein (Ahmed Rateb).

Lotfy Labib

A great artist who after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree joined the highly respected Institute of Theater Arts. He began acting quite early and has been loved by audiences for years who enjoy him in the many fatherly roles he's played, mainly of a comedic nature.
Labib has starred in many successful television series including, "Raafat El Haggan," "El Ra's Ala Salalem Motahareka," "Nesf Rabei Akhar," "Zizenia," "El Malek Farouk," "Arabesque," "Dameer Ablah Hekmat," "El Zeiny Barakat," "Abo Dehka Genan" and "Cinderella."
Labib has also appeared in unique cinema works such as, "Malek we Ketaba," "El Noom Fel Assal," "El Sefara Fel Omara," "Emraa Ayela Lel Sekout," "Keda Redah" and "Khaltet fawzia," and many others. Lotfy Labib is a guest star in Seasons One, Two and Three of Critical Moments playing the Alzheimer's stricken father of Dr. Khaled (Mahmoud Abdel Moghny).

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