Season 1 Episode Synopses
Episode 1: Families

The episode opens with that happiest of events in the life of any community; a wedding. A mother and daughter that happen to be walking by the affair, intrigued by what they hear, can’t resist the temptation to make their way into the festivities. But soon the wedding party turns to disaster, as a shooting takes place right in the middle of the party, injuring several people.

The injured are taken to the hospital, which is how we are introduced to the Critical Moments team. As the wounded are treated, we get a hint of the personalities of the hospital staff and the drama that is to come.

Episode 2: First Day on the Job

In this episode, we learn more of Dr. Khaled’s personal life; especially his relationship with his father. But events outside the hospital capture our attention, as a boat catches on fire, several of those on board escape with severe burns and are taken to the hospital where they are treated with swift efficiency by the Emergency Room team.

The plot of this episode thickens when the wife of one of the hospital’s patients is accused of trying to murder her husband.

Episode 3: Romeo and Juliet

Seventeen year old Nada attempts suicide, full of the blinding love of youth. But she is found in time and taken to the hospital where the doctors struggle to save her life. We meet the new doctor from Lebanon, Dr. Ibrahim. As a foreigner he is not trusted by some of the hospital staff, especially Mohamed Hussein, the receptionist. But right in the middle of an argument that Mohamed Hussein is having with Dr. Ibrahim regarding his qualifications as a doctor, Ashraf, the Romeo to Nada’s Juliet, arrives in critical condition after attempting suicide himself.

Before Mohamed Hussein can intervene, Dr. Ibrahim rushes to save the young man’s life proving in the process that ability in medicine has no borders.

Episode 4: Starting Over

WIn this episode we see two examples of what someone is willing to do for money . We have Atef, a young man who has decided to sell his kidney and the infamous Beero, the hooker who is trying to get used to being beaten by men because she because she believes she has no other choice.

In a separate story line, Fatima finds out that she has to work with a deceased patient’s child who follows her everywhere. khaled is still trying to express his love to Youmna though she is in love with Amr.

Episode 5: Chapter One

Today is Dr. Amr’s birthday but it is also the day of an explosion in a theatre during a sold out performance. The hospital has one of its busiest days with people who are wounded and dying and women who are about to give birth all coming through the door. The movie star Mona Zaki guest stars.

Episode 6: Friends and Lovers

While Amr’s father is trying to narrow the gap between his son and Youmna, Ramy is so distracted by his marital problems that he hits a boy with his car. Ramy takes the boy to the hospital to try to save his life, only to find a surprise waiting for him.

In the meantime, Khaled decides to finally confront Youmna with his love, not knowing that Amr is about to tell Youmna something that will change everything.

Episode 7: Endings and New Beginnings

A bus filled with fans heading for a Latifa concert has a horrible accident. Will Latifa ignore those who she sings for? Ramy finally gets his divorce and Fatima gets pressure from her father to focus on getting married.

A new love story begins with Ahmed, a medical student, who becomes involved with a patient, not knowing that fate is planning a cruel surprise for him.

Episode 8: And Life Goes On

After Ahmed’s funeral life goes on bringing new events to our hospital, Aziza's neighbor comes to the hospital beaten by her husband and looking for salvation, Fatima’s relationship with the child, Shams, strengthens, Khaled’s father sets a fire in his building sending Kahled’s neighbors to the hospital.

Youmna operates on a boy against his mother’s will in order to save his life. But, he’s not just any boy...he’s Dr. Fouad’s son!

Episode 9: The Escape

When a prison truck filled with dangerous convicts overturns in an accident, our hospital is filled with prisoners who may try to escape and police who want to keep them under strict supervision, even if it interferes with our doctors’ efforts to save their lives.

Dr. Fouad comes to visit his son and sees Youmna, which reminds her of a past she had tried to forget. Amr gets a visit from the last person on earth he could imagine … the mother he was told had died when he was a child!

Episode 10: Giving

Today is the hospital football match where the staff and the doctors of the hospital compete against the doctors of another hospital. During the match, Khaled passes out on the field for unknown reasons, terrifying the hospital staff. Shams’ father proposes marriage to Fatima.

Ibrahim’s son is seriously injured in an accident. Dr. Fouad, a specialist called in to treat a patient, reminds Youmna of their illicit past. Khalded overhears the truth Fouad reveals. Will Khaled and Youmna’s relationship survive?

Episode 11: Of Fathers and Sons

When a speeding train is derailed, many people on board are injured. The hospital is filled with patients, among them a father who kidnapped his own son. Khaled, whose mysterious illness continues to worsen, admits to Youmna that he knew the truth about her relationship with Fouad for a long time.

Fatima answers Shams’ father's marriage proposal, then becomes obsessed with a case of a young man who suffers from the same condition she has.

Episode 12: Private Lives

Amr faces the truth about his mother’s criminal past. Khaled is in for a shock when he discovers the underlying cause of his illness. Fatima’s father gets into trouble with the police because the food served at his restaurant proves to be dangerous.

Morci is anxiously trying to get an expectant mother to the hospital through rush hour traffic. Will he make it on time?

Episode 13: Dreams of Their Fathers

A battered woman comes to the hospital claiming she was kidnapped and raped. Youma treats her and in the process discovers another shocking secret. But there is another secret to be told, this time by Dr. Amr’s father, who has a hard time telling it to his son.

Episode 14: Come Back to Us

Khaled’s brain tumor is getting more and more threatening and any delay in his surgery could prove fatal. But the operation requires someone with the kind of experience that no doctor at the hospital possesses. There is one person Youmna knows who can perform the surgery on Khaled but she must put aside her feelings to ask for his help...

Episode 15: Khaled’s Team

Now that Khaled’s operation is only days away, Tamer decides to focus more on his work, rather than help his friend Khaled. However, Tamer’s wife presents him with a new challenge, something he didn’t expect.

Magda finds herself forced to go back to work as a doctor while Amr is attending to his ailing mother. Dealing with her failing health is one thing, but dealing with death threats from gangsters is quite another.

Episode 16: Into the Darkness

It is the day of Khaled’s operation. All the doctors and staff of the hospital are waiting in anticipation and wondering if Khaled will make it through alive. Amr has more to worry about than Khaled's survival. Saving his mother's life might cost him his own, a sacrifice Amr is willing to make.

Episode 17: Cries and Whispers

Khaled survives the operation but no one knows what his mental condition will be when he regains consciousness. Tarek looks for Fatima, building up courage to confess his love for her, not knowing how she will respond.

Khareiya returns to the hospital, severely beaten by her husband. She is desperately looking for an end to her misery. Will she find it here?

Episode 18: A Boy’s World

As Khaled finally wakes up from his coma, he overhears Youmna’s confession to Aziza that she is still in love with Amr. But Amr is still knee-deep in trouble with the gangsters who are after his mother. Aziza, who is always there to help everyone else, now needs someone to help her when her son gets arrested.

Ramy meanwhile, attends a concert performed by his new girlfriend Mariam. But love is never simple, especially when you run into an old friend at the concert, the beautiful Basma.

Episode 19: Lessons Learned

A big fight breaks out in a stadium, sending the injured to our hospital. Once again, the ER is full. The recovering Khaled, discouraged by what he overheard Youmna say about her feelings for Amr, decides to put all thoughts of love aside, and instead focus all his attention on his work. Amr’s mother mysteriously disappears, and he must find her at all costs.

Aziza fights to save her son from the criminal charges of theft, while Ramy takes Mariam to the opening of Basma’s new restaurant, only to find out how deeply Basma feels about him.

Episode 20: Secrets and Lies

Two new doctors join our team: Laila and her husband, Moataz. Laila seems eager to work at the hospital, though Moataz has difficulty. There is something in his past that is holding him back.

Amr is having a hard time sorting through his mother’s secrets, he doesn’t know if she is being honest with him or lying to get what she wants. Meanwhile, Ramy now finds himself having to choose between Basma and his fiancee Mariam.

Episode 21: The Evidence

When a piece of expensive medical equipment is stolen from the hospital, nurse Amina is blamed. She is unable to convince anyone of her innocence. Depressed and desperate, she tries the unthinkable.

Khaled is almost back to normal and throws himself into his work, trying to put Youmna out of his mind. His first patient is a victim of a deadly teenage game. Meanwhile, Moataz, our new doctor, is seeking psychological help from an old friend.

Episode 22: The Party

Amina is proven innocent, but that won’t help Dr. Ibrahim as he works to save her from her attempted suicide. But Amina is not the only one who needs to be saved; Khaled’s father arrives with a dangerous case of measles which could be deadly at his age.

Moatz is trying to help a patient even though he himself is suffering from psychological problems that threaten his ability to function in the emergency room. The mystery behind why Magda gave up being a surgeon is finally revealed.

Episode 23: The Camera

Mohamed Hussein is convinced that Dr. Galal has installed a security camera to spy on him, though he cannot understand why. Youmna is trying to learn from Ramy why Khaled’s attitude has changed towards her after his operation.

Meanwhile, Moataz is devastated when he learns that the other doctors don’t want him in the hospital. He feels that he has no choice but to leave, never to come back.

Episode 24: The Decision

No matter hard how she tries, Youmna is unable to close the gap between Khaled and herself. But now she faces another challenge: her mother has decided to marry a man who only seems interested in her money… But Youmna is not the only one who has mother troubles. Amr has to deal with his mother and take the risk of getting her the box of diamonds before she does something rash. But when he goes to meet her, he is in for a big surprise…

Moataz regains the respect of the other doctors when he correctly diagnoses a case that they couldn’t solve. But now he must find a way to overcome his fear of entering the OR again…

Episode 25: Hard Choices

Fatima is getting engaged today so Aziza decides to prepare a celebration at the hospital so Fatima can share the happy moment with all her friends. Ibrahim however, won’t be able to make it, as a criminal who needs medical attention to save his life has kidnapped Ibrahim and is forcing him to remove a bullet at gunpoint. Whether Ibrahim will come out of this experience alive himself is another matter.

Episode 26: Hope

When Aziza’s husband gets sick, the experience puts everything into perspective, and he decides to turn in the money he found to the authorities. Youmna meanwhile, gives a daughter’s blessing for her mother’s wedding. What she doesn’t know is that Khaled faces a similar situation, as his father has decided to marry his neighbor.

Ramy can’t face his troubles any longer and decides to go on a vacation, a journey that will change his life in a surprising way.

Episode 27: Lost Opportunities

When Ramy returns from his vacation we learn that he has married Basma, his old flame. But they both soon feel that it was a mistake and they plan on getting divorced as quickly as they were married. Aziza’s husband Morci is given a nice reward for his honesty in returning the bag of money, while Amr gets a visit from a gangster with a simple offer - your mother's life for the box of diamonds. Amr will give it to him, of course, but will the gangster honor the deal?

Episode 28: The Substitute

When Khalil, the hospital’s new receptionist, joins Hanan and Mohamed Hussein at the front desk, Mohamed realizes his job is being threatened. Gasser, the policeman, comes to the hospital to follow up on what happened to the victim of a street mugging.

It is time for Amr to make the dangerous trade for his mother’s life. Will he be able to make the exchange and save his mother’s life in the process?

Episode 29: Quarantine

The hospital now must face one of its greatest challenges yet - a quarantine due to a deadly infectious fever. The patient who brought this on is none other than the victim in Detective Gasser’s robbery investigation. Now half the hospital must be shut down with doctors and nurses trapped inside, Including Gasser.

Moataz is trapped in the quarantined area while his wife Layla is locked outside, unable to come to him. The hemorrhagic fever in the hospital begins to spread taking the lives of patients and staff. Meanwhile, Ramy asks Mariam for her hand in marriage.

Episode 30: Back to The Past

Amr decides to resign from the hospital. Laila, who believes in him, talks him out of it. Youmna meanwhile, must re-evaluate her relationship with her father, now that he is in the hospital fighting for his life. As Ramy plans for his wedding to Miriam, Amr confides in him about his growing attraction to Dr. Laila even though she’s married to their colleague, Dr. Moataz...a private conversation that Moataz overhears.

Another crisis arises with Ibrahim. His stepson’s real uncle suddenly appears to take his nephew back with him after all these years.

Episode 31: And More Tomorrows

Lazy Tamer, who is always sleeping on the job, gets a rude awaking when his uncle, Dr. Galal, is brought into the hospital unconscious and badly injured from a traffic accident. Now Tamer must use all he knows to save his uncle's life - but if that isn't enough, as he operates, his wife is on her way to the hospital with another shock for him.

Moataz is suspicious about what's going on between Amr and Laila, while Ibrahim must overcome great obstacles to get his stepson back.

Episode 32: Lost Dreams…New Dreams

In this thrilling season finale, there are surprises for everyone. Basma comes to the hospital telling Ramy that during their short-lived marriage she became pregnant, ruining all of Ramy's plans with Mariam, while Amr realizes that he really is in love with Laila, causing friction with her husband, Moataz. Dr. Galal is surprised to find out that Tamer, now that he is a dad, is quitting medicine and leaving the hospital.

But all those surprises are buried, literally, when the new wing of the hospital collapses just as some of the doctors are visiting. As the emergency crews search through the rubble, pulling out the injured, one big question remains: Who survived?

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