Sherif Arafa

Sherif Arafa, born in 1960, he graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema. His passion for film began in his early years as he came from a well known artistic family. He is the son of director Saad Arafa and the older brother of film director Amr Arafa.
Arafa directed movies that became iconic milestones, including Playing with the Giants, Terrorism and Kabab, The Forgotten, Birds of Darkness, Sleeping in Honey, Smile, The Picture Gets Better, The Headmaster, Halim, The Cousins, The Island and Xtra Large. Sherif Arafa has won many awards during his artistic career. He won the Silver award for his film Terrorism and Kabab, at the Milan African Film Festival in 1992. Arafa won the Bronze award for his film, Birds of Darkness at the Venice Film Festival in 1995. He also was named best director for his film Halim at The National Film Festival of Egypt in 2007.
Sherif Arafa supplemented his successful career as a director by also producing successful TV projects like the sitcom, Tamer & Shawkeya and films like Ibn Ezz and Halim. In addition, Sherif Arafa set the dramatic tone of Critical Moments Season One as it’s first director and he directed some of the most important and memorable episodes in Seasons One, Two and Three.

Marwan Hamed

As a young director, Marwan Hamed, took his first step in the world of cinema in 2000 as a trainee assistant director in Pleasure Market. 2001 saw Marwan's directorial debut with Lilly, a short movie that was also the starting point of the acting career of Amr Waked. Though he has not yet created a large body of work, Hamed has directed some of most unforgettable pieces both in cinema and TV.
He directed the film The Yacoubian Building from the script written by his highly acclaimed writer/producer father, Wahid Hamed. Marwan also directed Ibrahim Al Abyad, starring action star Ahmed El Sakka, Hend Sabri and Amr Waked. For TV he directed episodes of the TV series The Brotherhood. In 2011 he directed the short film, 19-19, which is part of the movie, 18 Days, a collaborative project about the Egyptian revolution.
The first feature film directed by Marwan, The Yacoubian Building, has been acclaimed both domestically and internationally. The Yacoubian Building screened in the 56th Berlin Film Festival. Hamed travelled to the Cannes Film Festival with the film, 18 Days, and shortly thereafter, he flew with the same film to the Baghdad and Abu Dhabi Film Festivals.
Marwan Hamed didn't restrict his directing talents to cinema and TV as he also directed Amr Diab's music video for his hit, What to Say, which was widely enjoyed by Diab's millions of fans throughout the world. Marwan directed an episode of Critical Moments Season One starring Ahmed El Sakka.

Ahmed Saleh

Ahmed Saleh began his directing career after graduating from Brentwick Academy in the UK in 2000. His feature film directorial debut was, The Italian War. Saleh directed many episodes of Critical Moments Seasons One, Two and Three. Saleh also directed seasons I and II of the television sitcom, Haramt Ya Baba.
Along with his television work, Saleh had his second collaboration with Ahmed El Sakka, when he directed the feature film, The Dealer.

Ali Edrees

Finishing his studies at the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1988, Ali Idrees, immediately started his career as an assistant director to a number of brilliant directors, quickly connecting him to several distinguished works. He was an assistant director in Crystal, Less love More Violence, Birds of Darkness, Sleeping in Honey, Hysteria, in addition to The Miser and I, series with the late superstar, Farid Shawky.
Idrees directed his first film in 2001, Friends of Business Partners with Hany Salama, Moustafa Kamar and Nour. Shortly thereafter, Ali shone in his works with Adel Imam, The Danish Experience, A Groom from The Security Forces, and Morgan Ahmed Morgan.
Among other distinguished works are Kareem's Women, Love Talk, Dr. Omar's Gang, All Three Deceive Her, and My Sweet Grandfather. Ali Idrees directed a pivotal episode of Critical Moments Season One.

Amr Arafa

Amr Arafa was brought up in the artistic family of the famous cinema director Saad Arafa. Amr is the younger brother of director Sherif Arafa. Amr began as a cinema producer with Ya Mahalbia Ya in 1991 and Laughter, Play, Seriousness and Love in 1993.
Throughout his career, Amr Arafa directed many superstars including Adel Imam, Ahmed El Sakka, Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed Ezz, Khaled Saleh, Basma, Ghada Adel, Ahmed Rizk, Layla Elwy, and Fathy Abd El Wahab.
His most notable works as a director in both cinema and TV are, The Embassy in The Building, Alzheimers, The Son of The Consul, She Made Me a Criminal, Africano, The Ghost and Aziz' Dream. Amr Arafa also directed Layla Elwy in three moving episodes of Critical Moments Season One.

Mariam Abou Ouf

Mariam Abu Ouf is a director brought up with a strong love of the dramatic arts, which should not come as a surprise considering that she is the daughter of the famous movie star Ezzat Abu Ouf.
After Mariam received her Bachelors Degree in Economics and Political Science she traveled to London to study film directing. Shortly after returning, she directed her first short film titled, Taxi.
Mariam worked as an assistant director to Sherif Arafa (a bit of trivia not known to many), in his films Halim and The Island. Not long after, Abou Ouf directed her first long TV drama starring Lrila Elwy titled The Stories We Live. Her short film Tahrir 2/2, included in the18 Days film project, screened in various film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival.
Bebo & Besheer was Mariam's first big screen feature. Mariam Abou Ouf directed several episodes of Critical Moments Season One.

Ahmed Maher

Ahmed Maher graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1991, then travelled abroad to study and teach acting and directing in Italy. While in Italy, he directed documentaries which were very well received.
In addition to directing, Mayer also acted in the TV series El Mazlakan in 1987. He then wrote and directed his first feature film, The Traveler, starring Omar Sherif. His second script, which he is preparing to direct, is titled, Where Will It Die?
His film, The Traveler, gained major attention worldwide. The film also won the Golden Hawk award, the most prestigious award given in the Rotterdam Film Festival. The film was screened in the opening event of the Middle East Film Festival in Abu Dhabi. Mayer directed an impressive episode of Critical Moments Season One.

Ahmed Meki

Ahmed Mekky graduated with a degree in film directing from the Higher Institute of Cinema.
Mekky began his career with the short film, Originally Japanese, in 1998. Soon after he wrote and directed The Seventh Sense starring Ahmed El Feshawy.
As a multi-talented superstar, he has written, starred in and directed many TV and cinema works that were met with great enthusiasm by his many fans, particularly among young audiences. His successes include You Go, No Withdrawal or Surrender and Cinema Ali Baba.
As if being a director, a writer and an superstar actor was not enough, Mekky founded a film production company that participated in producing the comic series, El Kebeer, seasons I and II in addition to producing No Withdrawal or Surrender. Mekky showed his skill as a director when he directed an exciting episode of Critical Moments Season One.

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