Season 2 Synopsis

Following the great success of the First Season of the 32 episode, hour long medical drama, “Critical Moments," Outlook Entertainment has now completed production of the show’s Second Season.

A select group of cinema writers and many major cinema and television stars, have come together for this large scale production.

The series moves at an exciting and thrilling pace, engaging the viewers constantly and building their anticipation for the events that will take place in the episodes to follow. ”Lahazat Harega” second season, delves deeper into the relationships between the doctors...revealing their personal lives, their successes and tragedies, their relationships and their romances, their joy and their sorrow.  Now the audience will get to know them all and feel the strong emotions for those who marry, those who become ill themselves, those who live happily and those who die. The second season of “Lahazat Harega” features the complete star cast from the first season as well as new dynamic stars who have joined them.

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