Season 3 Episode Synopses
Episode 1: Leaving Home… Coming Home

Youmna and Khaled try to deal with Khaled’s father who lives with them. The doctors leave their homes to come to work and quickly face patients streaming in from a major disaster in another hospital. Among the patients are their injured doctors and nurses. Tamer struggles with being a single parent after his wife died. Mounira pleads with Selim but he continues to manipulate her as he pleases. Layla makes a surprise appearance at the hospital.

Episode 2: A Mother’s Wish

Hoda struggles with Layla’s difficult childbirth. Aziza tries to protect Mounira from Selim’s abuse. Tamer feels he’s failing at being a good father to his twin boys while serving as a doctor in an emergency hospital. Ibrahim is reminded about Basma’s death during a lecture to his students. Tamer has to decide if he should turn down a desperate mother’s request. Khaled physically attacks a patient’s son. Selim tries to ruin the celebration as the doctors come to see Layla and her new baby.

Episode 3: I Want To Tell You

Layla is pressured by her sister to repair her marriage but Layla coldly answers, “Call Moataz and tell him he has a daughter.” Hoda’s attraction to Youssef is noticed. Selim flirts with a patient then shouts at Mounira letting her know their relationship is over. Referring to Basma’s death, Mohamed Hussein says to Ibrahim, “We have to accept this.” Ibrahim confides, “I can never forget her, Mohamed.” Shaza is worried because she senses Ibrahim “knows something.” Khaled and Youmna struggle to maintain their loving marriage despite his father’s condition threatening to spoil it.

Episode 4: Meet My Daughter

Khaled dances in the O.R. to everyone’s surprise. He’s had a good night at home for a change. Maha’s mother threatens to take Maha out of the hospital because Hisham is failing to find a way to lower Maha’s fever. Amir cautions Shaza that getting close to Ibrahim is very dangerous for her. Tamer becomes suspicious when Nagwa asks him about Khaled. Youssef asks Aysha to visit his family but she’s afraid they might judge her badly. Hoda suspects something is medically wrong with Layla. Amir and his father reveal their hostility towards each other. Selim finds a surprise note on his car.

Episode 5: My Father’s Son

Hisham visits a patient in a psychiatric hospital who won’t talk to him. Ibrahim confides in Tamer that he feels he doesn’t belong with his wife and son anymore. Tamer points out that Shaza looks at Ibrahim “in a special way.” Khaled scolds Tamer saying, “It’s not your job to replace Basma.” Ibrahim begins to feel Tamer may be right. Hoda’s patient Magdy surprises Hoda saying he sees wonderful things in his future. Hisham asks Maha about her medical history but it’s clear to Maha his questions go beyond medical interests. Layla runs to the ICU hearing that Amr has come out of his coma.

Episode 6: Be There For Me

Khaled is in the OR operating with Nagwa but he’s not in a dancing mood today. Ibrahim admits to Tamer that he may be right about Shaza’s affection for him. Hisham reveals the identity of the psychiatric patient he’s been visiting. Selim is furious about the note Mounira left saying she’s pregnant. He tells her she won’t ruin his career with her lies. Nagwa coaches Hisham who finally admits his affection for his patient, Maha. Hoda doesn’t reveal anything about Youssef when Magdy asks her for a date. Amr seems to be improving in the ICU. He asks about Layla. Mounira tells her brother she has to tell him something.

Episode 7: A Friend’s Advice

Layla talks to Amr about her baby girl. Hisham goes to Maha and tries out Nagwa’s advice with some success but he’s very concerned about Maha’s fever, which he still can’t cure. Tamer is supportive of Amr and Layla’s relationship but Khaled is not. Youssef asks Aysha to arrange a meeting with her family. Tamer discovers drug track marks on the nanny’s arm. Mounira’s brother confronts Selim as he’s getting into his car. Selim speaks of Mounira rudely then drives off.

Episode 8: Family Day For Better Or Worse

Khaled wakes up to discover his father and Youmna have been fighting again and Youmna has left. Everyone notices when Hoda enters the hospital looking great, especially Youssef. Nagwa tells Tamer he should have helped the drug addicted nanny get treatment, not just throw her out. Layla brings her baby to show her to Amr. Hoda “congratulates” Youssef on his upcoming marriage to Aysha. In a restaurant, Magdy tells Hoda about his wife who passed away and how his life changed when he met Hoda. Mounira’s brother enters the hospital to settle the score with Selim. He brings a gun.

Episode 9: Don’t’ Let Me Die

Chaos. Mounira, Galal and Selim have been shot. They are rushed into surgery amidst screams and tears. Everyone fights to save the lives of their beloved co-workers and the despised Selim. During the frantic attempt to save her, the doctors discover Mounira is pregnant. Everyone helps out except Amr who hasn’t been allowed to return to work yet. He pleads with Magda but she says he isn’t ready. The police begin to investigate. Though the staff never worked harder they must confront the reality that sometimes they are helpless.

Episode 10: Too Little Too Late

Hoda’s attraction to Youssef is being noticed. It seems everyone sees what’s going on except Aysha. Ibrahim refuses Shaza’s invitation to the Opera. Aysha becomes angry when Nagwa questions Youssef’s love. A detective interrogates a weak Selim. Selim lies at first. Shaza is surprised to see Ibrahim at the Opera but Ibrahim is even more surprised to discover she’s there with Amir.

Episode 11: The Party

Ibrahim tells Tamer, “You saw things in me and Shaza that I didn’t realize were there.” The story of Selim and Mounira spreads throughout the hospital. Nagwa invites Tamer and Khaled to a party. Ibrahim discusses the future with his wife Samar. Galal goes into crisis in the ICU. Selim, though fighting to recover from his own wounds, saves him. Hoda is at the lockers getting ready for a date with Magdy but is

Episode 12: Changes

An explosion during the filming of a rap video brings three famous rappers into the hospital as patients. Amr unexpectedly shows up at Layla’s apartment to accompany her to work. Youssef is concerned when Hoda is late to arrive at the hospital and doesn’t answer her phone. Aziza is moved when she discovers Ibrahim visiting her paralyzed son in the Police Hospital. Selim, now in a patient room, is awakened by doctors and nurses running in the corridor. He slowly arrives at the ICU and drops to his knees before Galal. Selim says, “I’m sorry.”

Episode 13: To Blame Or To Forgive

Amir and his father argue at home. Khaled asks Ibrahim directly about Shaza. Nagwa tells Selim that she, like the others, will never forgive him for what he did to Mounira. Amr admits to Layla that he can’t control his anger. Youssef approaches Hoda but she avoids him. Shaza tells Ibrahim that Amir means nothing to her. Magdy notices Hoda has changed. Ibrahim visits Amir’s father and discovers what Amir’s home life is really like.

Episode 14: My Uncle My Life

Selim, shocks the hospital staff by going back to work before he’s recovered. Amir confronts Ibrahim angrily about the uninvited visit he made to Amir’s home. Layla is asked by her sister to talk to Moataz. Amir warns Shaza to stay away from Ibrahim and adds, in a threatening tone, “you’ll see what your friend Ibrahim will do when he finds out you killed Basma.” Layla tries to tell Amr about her problems with her sister and Moataz but Amr interrupts to ask something much more important to him. Amal talks to Layla about their failed marriages.

Episode 15: Hope

Hoda is surprised by a party in the hospital celebrating Youssef and Aysha’s engagement. Amir warns Aysha that Shaza is about to have serious trouble. Aysha cautions Shaza that Amir might cause her to lose Ibrahim and ruin her career at the same time. Amr tells Layla he’ll see a psychiatrist to deal with his anger. He then tries to move their relationship forward again.

Episode 16: To Care For Their Family

Khaled can see his father’s condition is getting worse. Mohamed Hussein’s appearance concerns Khaled but Mohamed rejects Khaled’s advice to get tested. Maha’s mother is getting impatient with Hisham’s failure to cure Maha. Hisham pleads with her to let him continue to try. Ibrahim is confused when Shaza doesn’t show up at his lecture. Moataz threatens to legally take Layla’s daughter. Khaled stumbles when Nagwa tries to understand their relationship. Tamer unexpectedly gives Khaled advice about Nagwa.

Episode 17: What Others See

There’s tension between Aysha and Hoda as they discuss Youssef during an operation. Magda threatens to take Hisham off Maha’s case because of his “special” interest in this one patient. Amr offers to get involved in Layla’s struggle with Moataz. Khaled convinces Ibrahim to let him take his place in the O.R. with Nagwa. Magdy confronts a reluctant Hoda. Amr talks to Khaled about his plans for a future with Layla. Mohamad gets tricked into getting tested against his will. When Aysha tries to plan their wedding, Youssef disappoints her.

Episode 18: Discoveries

Sayed Abdallah, the owner of the hospital, meets Ramy at his home. Khaled denies there’s anything going on between him and Nagwa. Shaza makes a shocking medical diagnosis. Magda gives Hisham hope in his attempt to cure Maha. Ibrahim timidly asks Shaza out. Layla talks seriously to Amr about the responsibility she has to her daughter. Hisham gets disappointing news. The new director of the hospital is announced. Shaza reveals that she’s ready to tell Ibrahim she’s responsible for Basma’s death. Khaled rushes back to the hospital to discover what he feared is true.

Episode 19: Who To Tell What To Tell

Hanan is concerned when Tamer refuses to discuss Mohamed Hussein’s test results. The doctors argue about the decision to make Selim the new hospital manager. Aysha is beginning to feel that Youssef has changed. She asks Shaza to find out what’s wrong. Selim discovers who his deputy director will be. Shaza learns something she doesn’t want to tell Aysha. Selim tells Mohamed Hussein about his illness. Tamer reminds Khaled of the love Khaled shared with Youmna. Tamer reluctantly gives the doctors his opinion of Selim.

Episode 20: To Tell A Tale

Selim appeals to the doctors for help and support but Tamer isn’t interested. Youssef shows up unexpectedly at Hoda’s home. Khaled tries to explain himself to Nagwa. Hisham admits his guilt to his brother in the psychiatric hospital. Hanan tries to hide her tears for Mohamed Hussein. Hisham tells Maha about her illness. Ibrahim finds a picture of Basma. Khaled reveals to Ibrahim that Youmna will never be gone from his life. Selim’s weaknesses are starting to deepen.

Episode 21: I’m Scared

Hanan is the only one who sees the fear Mohamed Hussein is trying to conceal. Youssef tells Aysha he wants to postpone their formal engagement. Hoda needs help telling Layla her medical results. Khaled and Tamer have a revealing conversation about Nagwa. An attractive patient coldly rejects Selim’s advances and he’s losing the battle to control other weaknesses. Ramy meets with Selim and it doesn’t go well. Shaza and Ibrahim express their feelings to each other.

Episode 22: A Mother’s Choice

Aziza tells Nagwa about her fears for her son. Amr approaches Aziza with unwanted advice. Mohammed Hussein hides his illness from his mother. Tamer helps his friend Khaled get closer to Nagwa. Layla suspects Hoda is hiding something important from her. Ibrahim impresses Shaza by responding strongly to Selim’s comments about their relationship. Youssef talks to Hoda about Aysha. Ibrahim ruins his date with Shaza by talking about Basma.

Episode 23: But I Love Her

Both Tamer and Khaled show an interest in Nagwa. Hisham learns an important lesson from Maha. Mohamed Hussein tries not to show how much he appreciates Hanan, but she knows. Layla learns her sister let Moataz visit their daughter. The doctors don’t know what to think about the “new” Selim they see. Khaled deals with a shocking case involving jealousy. Youssef surprises Shaza when she asks about his feelings for Aysha.

Episode 24: Dinner Plans

Ibrahim knows “something is wrong” with Selim. Amal tells Shaza she must tell her friend Aysha what she knows. Thinking of Youmna, Khaled talks to Hisham about love. Ramy and Khaled argue about how Ramy does his job. During an operation, Khaled is uncomfortable asking Nagwa out. Shaza doesn’t know what to do when Amir tells her what’s on his mind. Magdy makes a surprise visit to Hoda’s home. Nagwa tells Khaled about her past.

Episode 25: Promises

Tamer tries to appear happy as Khaled tells him of his upcoming date with Nagwa. Both Moataz and Amr want Layla despite the fact that they now know she won’t be able to have any more children. Hoda finally gives Magdy her answer to his proposal. Shaza avoids Ibrahim. The doctors discuss how to tell Mohamed Hussein to get his things in order. Khaled takes Nagwa to dinner but it seems he’s forgotten how to be around a woman away from the hospital.

Episode 26: I Can’t Forget Her

Khaled reveals to Hisham that he could never put Youmna out of his mind, even on his date with Nagwa. Tensions erupt between Tamer and Selim. Youssef tries to win Hoda away from Magdy. Tamer gives Layla heartfelt advice. Amir is laughed at by his father when he tells him something important. Mohamed Hussein tries to be his usual self but must admit he needs Hanan’s help.

Episode 27: A Time To Help Each Other

Mohamed Hussein and Hanan learn what they mean to each other. Laila tells the doctors her decision regarding Amr’s proposal. Selim’s addiction is becoming obvious. Aysha makes Youssef jealous. Shaza tries to have a difficult conversation with Ibrahim.

Episode 28: Wanting To Believe

Layla asks Amr to make a promise. Tamer struggles with a difficult case that reminds him of his own twin sons. Selim is allowing his weaknesses to control him. Tamer admits that he needs someone to share his life with. Khaled throws Selim out of the OR. Hisham’s relationship with his brother takes another turn. Hanan shocks Aziza when she talks about Mohamed Hussein.

Episode 29: Doors Opened…Doors Closed

Khaled tells Hisham of his decision regarding Nagwa. Hisham reports the big change in his relationship with his brother. Khaled deals with a patient who reminds him of his struggles with his father and Youmna. Maha expresses her love to Hisham. Hoda is surprised by her patient’s decision. Selim reveals the darkest side of his personality. Ibrahim is changed by what Shaza tells him.

Episode 30: To Speak Of Loves Past

Hoda reveals an understanding of her own romantic situation while trying to help Nagwa with hers. Khaled makes Tamer admit his feelings for Nagwa. Shaza tells Aysha that she told Ibrahim her terrible secret. Youmna pays a surprising visit to the hospital.

Episode 31: I Have To Try

Moataz makes Laila question Amr’s honesty. Shaza gets tough with Amir then asks Ibrahim for forgiveness. Tamer gets the courage to ask Nagwa out. Selim reveals his future plans to Ramy and Hanan reveals her future plans to Mohamed Hussein. Hisham gets a hard lesson from Ibrahim.

Episode 32: I Should Have Known

Tamer is surprised by Nagwa when he tells her how he feels. Hoda finds her true self when dealing with Youssef and Magdy. Amir has a confrontation with his father that changes his life. Aysha shocks Youssef. Khaled and Youmna talk of the past and the future. Selim makes a heartfelt announcement. Aziza has a terrible experience during a beautiful celebration in the hospital.

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