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Dr Ramy
Dr Khaled
Dr Youmna
Dr Ibrahim
Dr Moataz
Dr Amr
Mohamed Hussein
Dr Galal
Dr Magda
Dr Tamer
Dr Hesham
Dr Laila
Dr Selim
Dr Hoda
Dr Nagwa
Dr Ramy (Amr Waked)

Is a man with a strong passion for his work, his main goal in life is to save lives. He also has a lighter side to his personality, shown in his love for music. He plays quite badly but is convinced he's very good and takes every opportunity to show his musical talent. Due to his dedication to his profession, he unfortunately neglects his wife Salma. In the early episodes, he is clearly torn up by his dilemma. He can see the problem and can see that he's being unfair to his wife but still he can't make time for her. Ramy wants to give her more but can't promise to do so.
He doesn't hate her for wanting to leave, but hates the situation he is in. His wife finally leaves him by episode 6. Among his peers, Ramy is one of the most popular in the hospital. He's a friend to most but especially Dr Khaled. He's Khale's confident although they come from very different backgrounds.
His relationship with his father is very tense, his father is also a doctor, he's a doctor who owns a private hospital and wants Ramy to join the emergency room. As the episodes develop Ramy meets another woman (a patient) and starts a relationship with her.
At the same time his first love reappears in his life and once again he finds himself in a dilemma, the dilemma of who he really cares for and the danger of repeating the bad experience he had with his wife. Can he manage balancing a personal relationship and his work or will he love be doomed once more?

Dr Khaled (Mahmoud Abdel Moghny)

He's a single man who had a tough childhood; he was brought up on the streets of a low class neighborhood which made him tough and street- wise. This also made him edgy, impulsive and sometimes even rebellious although deep down he's really a very warm kind- hearted person. He holds strong feelings for Dr Youmna but is unable to confess this to her. He tries on several occasions but just can't get the words out.
Ramy is the only one who knows about khaled's true feelings for Youmna. Khaled is very jealous of Dr Amr as he can see Yomna's interest in Amr, thus creating a sort of love triangle. Khaled was always treaded very badly by his father ever since was a kid. Circumstances force him to take his father to live with him. Haled does his best to please his father who is ungrateful and constantly complaining.
Between his work, the burden of taking care of his father and his feelings for Yomna Dr Khaled is a man with a lot on his mind. In addition to all this just it seems Yomna may be developing an interest in him, Khaled becomes critically ill (half way through the episodes) creating a very emotional situation for all the hospital family

Dr Youmna (Boshra)

She is a young doctor with a past, she has a strong romantic interest in Dr Amr who doesn't return her feelings. Still she remains hopeful that someday he will want her. At the beginning he's even unaware of her interest in him. Her attraction to Amr is mor about his looks and his skill as a doctor, not really about his character. In the earlier episodes she pushes Dr Khaled away but later discovers that he's the one she really cares for.
She believes strongly in her profession although her father looks down on her for the career she chose. Her family wants her to get married but she refuses. We discover that her past involved an illegal marriage with she had kept a secret, until that man reappears in her life causin problems for her. Because of her past DR Yomna relates strongly to young female patient with social relationships issues.

Dr Ibrahim (Amar Chalak)

He's an exceptionally skilled doctor who gained his experience by working under very difficult circumstances in wartime. He faces some resistance when he joins the hospital staff. Being an outsider, it takes his strong character and highly respected experience as a doctor to finally prove to all that he deserves to be one of the family as much as anyone else.
It's Ramy who first shows his respect for Dr. Ibrahim's strong character and expertise. Ibrahim often misses his son's sports tournaments and this causes him to be disappointed in himself for not being able to be the good father he wants to be.
Ibrahim Salah is married to a woman who was married before to his best friend. The friend dies and Ibrahim marries her and takes in his son as if he is his own. This peak of Ibrahim Salah's drama is when the family of his deceased friend tries to kidnap the young boy

Dr Moataz (Hesham Selim)

He's a brilliant doctor but after losing a young patient during surgery, Moataz suffers a nervous breakdown, which causes him to lose his courage as a surgeon and he now constantly considers leaving medicine. Dr Galal, Moata's mentor from the university days struggles to convince him to stay. Moataz is married to Dr Laila who herself is the object of the romantic attention of another doctor.

Dr Amr (Amir Karara)

He's a young handsome doctor who comes from an upper class background. He's thought to be the hospital's top surgeon. Amr is very confident about his work to the extent of having a bit of an ego. He's especially competitive if he feels another doctor might be considered better at something.
When Dr Ibrahim joins the hospital's staff, Amr is threatened and fears Ibrahim may in fact be the better doctor. Being a handsome man, he's not moved when Dr Yomna is attracted to him. At first it seems he doesn't even notice her, she is just another colleague at work. He was brought up with the knowledge that his mother died when he was a baby however, he discovers that his father was hiding the truth from him and he finally meets his mother but things don't go very well between them.

Mohamed Hussein (Ahmed Rateb)

He is not a doctor, but he's an important member of the hospital staff. He's the main reception clerk at the emergency entrance; this he's always involved in everything that takes place in the reception area. He's very dedicated to his work and convinced that he's the best at what he does. However, he's also convinced that there's a conspiracy against him by everyone around. He's quite negative in a very comedic way.
He doesn't fear anyone except for his frail old mother, being a man in his late 50s, this makes his situation even more comedic. His relation with his assistant, Hanan at the reception desk is also very important. She always plays on his character by teasing and winding him up even more. Basically Mohamed Hussein is at the center of a lot the events but his presence lightens up some otherwise serious scenes

Aziza (Safaa El-toukhy)

She is the head nurse; she's a loved and respected mother figure to all the hospital staff, doctors and nurses alike. She comes from a middle class background and is married with one sone. With her many years in the profession she's probably has more experience in the emergency room than all the younger doctors together. She's the strong and sometimes tough woman with a big heart.
She's very caring and protective over her staff of nurses, although she will be stern with them if need be. Due to the nature of the social class and neighborhood she lives in, Aziza is very scared that her son could get into trouble with bad choices of friends and led atray and this she gets very involved in any juvenile crime related cases. Her husband is pretty useless (although he surprise us with a very good deed in one episode) an d she has the sole responsibility of being the financial support to her family

Dr Galal (Yousef Fawzy)

He's the head administrator of the hospital, although he's seen less than our main staff, he's the pivotal character and very important to the drama of the hospital. Being a doctor himself, Galal with his years of hospital experience proves to be an excellent judge of what the hospital and more importantly what the patient need. In a dramatic turn Dr Galal himself is brought into the hospital as a patient after he's involved in a horrible accident and must be treated by his own staff.

Dr Magda (Sawsan Badr)

She is the deputy administrator; she's a fine doctor that was forced to stop practicing medicine due to a condition she developed which affects her motor skills. We see this in certain situations where there are too many cases coming in at the same time and there are not enough doctors to handle them, her sense of responsibility and her desire to practice medicine makes her try to help out in these situations and we see her struggle when her own medical condition threatens to get in the way.

Dr Tamer (Nedal El-Shafie)

He's a young and somewhat careless doctor. He was forced into becoming a doctor by his father. His main interest in life is cars the extent that he could neglect a patient if he is busy reading about exotic cars. This lack of responsibility causes several explosive conflicts between Tamer and his emergency room colleagues.
Later in the episodes he's put in a situation where he has to save the life of Dr Galal and he succeeds and proves that he can be a good doctor after all. However, even though this wins him respect from the hospital staff he still decides to quit his profession, as it's not what he wants out of life.

Fatima (Rhonda El Beheiry)

She's a med student. She's a young fragile girl who still has very little life experience. She's very emotional and kind at heart. At first she's even reprimanded by Dr Khaled for showing her feelings towards the patients. It's head nurse Aziza who reminds her never to lose her humanity.
She gets attached to a little girl whose mother dies at the hospital and then is disappointed when her father remarries and refuses to allow her to see the girl again. Fatima has a disease (Lupus) which she hides from everyone. When she is seen by Tamer giving herself an injection, he creates a rumor that she's taking drugs until she finally confronts everyone with her illness.

Hanan (Safaa Galal)

She's the assistant of Mohamed Hussein at the reception desk; she's a bubbly character who doesn't really care about her job. She's unusually chatting on the phone, picking on Mohamed Hussein or complaining about his attitude. She doesn't hide the fact that she wants to leave the hospital as we often see her on the phone talking about new job offers or where to send her CV.

Yousef (Ahmed Hatem)

As a surgical intern, he rather than the other interns seems to be invited to participate in many important surgeries. This however, is with the help of a woman doctor who has motives other than simply advancing his studies.

Dr Hesham (Tarek Lotfy)

A highly talented doctor but with very poor social skills, he has no friends but his abilities in critical situations have earned him his colleagues' respect.

Dr Laila (Engy El-Mokadem)

A very competitive, ambitious and intelligent doctor, she's the wife of the emotionally troubled DR Moataz, she must struggle to save her marriage which is torn by her husband's indecision and jealousy.

Dr Selim (Yasser Galal)

Despite his womanizing, Dr Selim is a dedicated and highly skilled surgeon and he knows it. He's arrogant but due to his charm and intelligence he's able to attract many and among them is hospital staff.

Aisha (Amy Samir Ghanem)

Cheerful and outgoing, she's in love with a fellow intern who sadly is infatuated with her best friend. When asked to help him in his romance with her friend, Aisha can't refuse despite her affection for him.

Dr Hoda (Hanan Motawea)

A very calm, stead, and competent doctor somewhat inexperienced and naïve in life matters away from the hospital, she's confused by her attraction to a young intern despite the age difference between them.

Dr Nagwa (Dorra)

Dr Nagwa is very sociable and outgoing; she tries hard to fit in as a doctor newly transferred to the hospital but her sincere effort to become everyone's friend, especially Dr Tamer's lead only to hurtful misunderstanding.

Shaza (Yosra El-Lozy)

A sharp medical student, the brightest in her class, she's very ambitious, intelligent and works hard to reach her goals. She's impressed by her teacher Dr Ibrahim but she's too absorbed in her work to notice another intern's love for her.

Amir (Ramzi Lehner)

An ambitious liar and due to his immature nature he often finds himself in trouble with the hospital staff of doctors as well as his fellow interns. He seems to have won the support of Dr Magda who will protect him but only so far.

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