Season 2 Episode Synopses
Episode 1

The dynamic first episode of Season II opens right where the first season left us with the doctors, students and medical staff witnessing the grand wedding between Dr. Ramy and Mariam. All the doctors are present including Dr. Moataz who notices his colleague, Dr. Amr seems to have an interest in Moataz’ wife, Dr. Laila. An explosion at a café interrupts the celebration demanding the doctors’ presence at the ER to attend to the arriving victims… including a criminal responsible for this horrendous act.

The doctors race out of the wedding celebration called to the hospital and meanwhile, we find Dr. Galal and his brother Hani in prison awaiting their trial as they blame each other for the collapse of the new hospital wing from Season I. Throughout all this, Dr. Khaled is trying to get Dr. Youmna’s answer to his proposal of marriage.

Episode 2

This episode opens where the previous left off, with Dr. Galal preparing himself for the worst while in jail for his pending court hearing. Khaled’s (Mahmoud Abd El Moghny) relationship with his father, and ultimately Youmna (Boshra), is tested with the deterioration of his dad’s mental health. A lonely, elderly woman and her blind brother enter the ER.

As the doctors tend to their patients, they continue to juggle their own personal relationships and hardships. The criminal from the cafe, heavily guarded, remains in a coma while Amr continues to demonstrate a secretive interest toward this patient and…Laila.

Episode 3

Episode 3 opens when a mother’s celebration for her son’s new acquisition of a prized tuc-tuc ends tragically with the family and neighbors crashing to the streets below when a balcony collapses. The team acts fast in mending physical wounds while healing the emotional damage of their patients. Amidst the chaos the doctors, including Dr. Moataz (Hisham Selim), take notice of Amr and Laila’s questionable interaction. Dr. Moataz gets involved in a dramatic and questionable organ transplant and uncovers a serious crime. Dr. Laila gets a curious suicide case. Dr. Khaled constantly attempts to corner the ever-busy Youmna with an important question. Will she marry him?

Dr. Amr begins to demonstrate frustration do to poor vision, his infatuation with Laila and the mysterious criminal still in a coma in the ICU. Ramy’s ex-wife, Basma, returns to the hospital pregnant with Ramy’s child. She refuses Ramy’s request to see her through the pregnancy and instead, Ibrahim becomes her entrusted doctor. Ramy talks to his new wife Mariam about the pregnancy, his ex wife Basma, and the son Basma and Ramy are soon to have.

Episode 4

This episode has the highly anticipated trial of Dr. Galal and his brother, Hani for the collapse of the new hospital wing from season one. Galal is fighting for his freedom in the midst of his brother’s betrayal. This story parallels Ramy’s case in which a father, whose son is losing his lifelong battle with a weak heart, brings him into the ER. Soon Ramy witnesses the ultimate sacrifice of a father for his son.

Galal’s trial continues with Fatima’s (Randa el Beheiry) fiance, Tarek, taking the stand. Basma continues to consult Ibrahim on her pregnancy with Ramy growing more uncomfortable and jealous with the arrangement. Dr. Galal’s verdict comes in: Acquitted. His scheming brother, Hani’s verdict: Guilty.

Episode 5

The beginning of Episode 5 has Moataz venting his jealous frustration toward Laila after witnessing her behavior with Dr. Amr. Dr. Khaled finally gets Youmna’s, and the rest of the hospital’s attention…via the hospital intercom, and requests her hand in marriage. While deep into an operation Youmna instructs a nurse to respond with her answer…‘I do.’ Youmna agrees to marry Dr. Khaled. Galal, acquitted of being at fault, returns to the hospital while his nephew, Dr. Tamer, is struggling to make ends meet with his new business away from medicine. Victims of a gas station explosion are brought into the ER followed by a hero fireman who rescued them from the flames. The criminal from the cafe wakes from his coma and begins to choke.

While Dr. Amr and Dr. Khaled desperately attempt to save his life, the man recognizes Amr and calls out Amr’s name. Rumors begin to circulate about Amr’s past and his association with this malicious character. Basma is rushed into the hospital in crisis. Basma may require surgery to deliver Ramy’s child. Amr continues to struggle with his vision. He goes to an ophthalmologist only to discover that extremely dangerous surgery is required to save his eyesight. Moataz goes out of the hospital to see a psychiatrist and he places the hero fireman in Dr. Amr’s care. The fireman dies leaving the question, was it the result of Dr. Moataz’ negligence, or Dr. Amr’s failing eyesight?

Episode 6

Basma, with skillful help from Ibrahim in a risky procedure, delivers a son to Ramy. Youmna confronts Laila on the rumors surrounding Laila’s relationship with Dr. Amr. An accident at Tamer’s shop results in his return to the ER and, ultimately, the practice of medicine. Dr. Galal officially rehires Tamer as Sa permanent resident in the hospital. Galal finds the financial situation dire and is forced to make a difficult decision to keep the hospital out of debt. The doctors will need to take a pay cut. They unanimously offer their support for Galal’s decision and remain loyal to the hospital.

Dr. Moataz confronts Dr. Amr about the death of Dr. Moataz’ patient, the hero fireman. Medical student, Mounira is forced to perform an emergency C-section while trapped in the hospital elevator. The help of Dr. Galal talking her through from outside and Tamer getting to her by crawling down the dangerous elevator shaft assists Mounira in successfully delivering the healthy baby. Dr. Ramy’s father tries to convince Ramy to quit the hospital and come work with him. Ramy breaks the news to his wife that Basma has given him a son.

Episode 7

Distraught over his participation in the death of the hero, Moataz resigns from his position in the hospital. Episode 7 is the introduction of the savvy and powerful Gulf businessman, Mr. Abdullah and his good friend the surgeon, Dr. Fuoad, Mrs. Abdullah falls gravely ill on a plane while traveling from the Gulf on vacation. Mr. Abdullah preemptively phones Dr. Fuoad, to meet him at the ER to personally tend to his wife’s critical needs. At the hospital, Dr. Khaled receives the case where the diagnosis reveals that a ruptured appendix threatens Mrs. Abdullah’s life and an immediate operation must take place to save her. Khaled goes through with the procedure despite Mr. Abdullah’s protests and saves the wife. Dr. Fouad eventually arrives only to take credit for the life saving operation. Out of gratitude toward the hospital, Mr. Abdullah proposes a plan to Dr. Galal that would save the hospital from financial ruin.

He would take over as majority owner and Fouad will act as his eyes and ears from within the daily operations of the hospital. This means, Dr. Galal will now be just another doctor at the hospital while Dr. Fouad will become the hospital administrator. The ER remains busy as usual. Nurse Yasmine, recently divorced and pregnant, discovers a new love within the hospital. Her bully brothers don’t approve and harass the smitten young man. A romance blooms in the hospital for an elderly patient. Fatima feels Khaled is misdiagnosing a case of a parent physically abusing her son. Youmna and Khaled plan their future. Dr. Tamer comforts a young father who has lost his wife. Basma comes to the hospital to see Dr. Ibrahim but is interrupted by an unexpected visit by Dr. Ibrahim’s wife.

Episode 8

In this episode an undercover detective, played by guest star Ahmed El Sakka, is identified as a cop by the gang he is infiltrating. Shot and gravely wounded, he is pursued by the gang bringing the action back to the hospital. Dragging himself into the ER he is quickly attended to by our doctors. Fatima recognizes him as the cop who saved her life in the elevator in season 1. Bullets removed and recovering, the gang members now infiltrate the hospital leading to an exciting action climax in the basement of the hospital. Meanwhile, Mohamed Hussein attempts to prepare the cafeteria for the big football match. All the doctors are in attendance unaware of the violent struggle taking place beneath them in the basement of the hospital. Youmna recommends Khayreya for a patient consulting position within the hospital.

Galal agrees finally and hires her due to Youmna’s pressuring. Khaled’s father is getting worse. Khaled’s sister arrives and she tells Khaled she can’t care for him. It seems Khaled will be alone in his effort to help his father. How will this change his coming marriage to Youmna? Nurse Yasmine and her new love, Hossam, agree to get married but they know they’ll be facing trouble from her lowlife brothers. Khaled treats his patient. a child, who at first glance, displays all the evidence of having been abused. It reminds Khaled of the way he was treated by his father when he was young. Fatima intervenes in the case to discover that the child is actually autistic. Mr. Abdullah demotes Galal appointing his friend Dr. Fouad the new hospital

Episode 9

Aziza continues to struggle to guide her young son on the correct path. When her friend Amal comes to see her Amal’s husband shows up and attacks her in front of the hospital. Dr. Fouad, now the hospital administrator, having replaced the defeated Dr. Galal, attempts to rekindle the romantic relationship he and Youmna once had. The mysterious death of the hero fireman continues to loom heavily on the doctors. Laila questions Amr on who’s responsible for the hero’s death. He places the blame on her husband, Moataz, but Laila isn’t sure he’s telling the truth.

Basma and Ibrahim’s relationship blossoms under the nose of Dr. Ramy. Samar, Ibrahim’s wife, is not aware of the growing bond between the new mother and her doctor. A famous celebrity talk show host enters the ER with a potentially career ending ailment. The talk show’s producer has a plan devised to replace the aging host with a younger hipper host. Basma, Ramy’s ex wife and Mariam, Ramy’s current wife, meet to discuss the future of Ramy’s son.

Episode 10

Dr. Amr, due to his deteriorating eyesight, almost loses a patient when he accidentally nicks an artery during a procedure. On a dark abandoned road, an older man is violently beaten to an inch of his life at the hands of a group of men. The beaten man is rushed into the ER where Laila, with the assistance of nurse Amina, struggles to save the patient. Amina freezes during a critical moment putting the man’s life in grave danger.

Laila demands her exit from the room. Another case, a young woman who fell from a microbus, is brought into the hospital and is cared for by Ibrahim. After careful examination Ibrahim suspects that this girl is the victim of rape and refers the sensitive case to Youmna. Dr. Amr and Dr. Khaled get into a fight over Youmna’s persistent questioning regarding Laila. Amina’s recognition of the beaten man awakens a painful memory from her past. She makes the connection that this man is the perpetrator of a horrible attack on her.

Episode 11

Amina struggles with her hatred for the man who attacked her in the past and was also responsible for the attack on the young rape victim. Finally Amina reveals the identity of the man to the victim’s family. The man does not leave the hospital alive because Amina has revealed his identity to the family of the girl. The police launch an intense investigation into the mysterious death of the otherwise recovering patient. Amina becomes a suspect. Laila, Aziza and Amina are interrogated by detectives. Ramy continues to insist on raising his son with or without Basma. Ramy discovers Mariam is pregnant. The complicated situation is growing more tense between Ramy, his wife, Mariam, Basma and Ibrahim. The fireman’s death, Amr’s failing eyesight and the rumors bouncing through the halls about his romantic interest in Laila are beginning to weigh heavily on Amr’s ability to be a good surgeon.

Amr confides in Khaled that he needs a serious operation to save his sight and his future as a doctor. Khaled tells Amr’s secret to the other doctors. Khaled comes home to a flooded apartment. Khaled’s father is responsible for the damage. His father requires constant supervision and may have to move into Khaled and Youmna’s future home after they marry. How can he tell this to Youmna who was hoping to begin her life with Khaled, dreaming of their family to be? Amina finally reveals her desire to kill the rapist to Laila and Youmna but denies ever carrying out the act. Laila comes home to her husband Moataz and needs to talk with him but he refuses to hear anything she wants to say if it’s about the hospital.

Episode 12

Youmna and Khaled’s relationship continues to be tested. The new administrator, Dr. Fouad continues to pursue Youmna romantically. With every rejection, Fouad becomes more devious and malicious toward her. In an attempt to make Youmna jealous, Fouad sets his sights on Khayreya who’s none the wiser. Samer comes to the hospital looking for Ibrahim who in fact, is out on a date with Basma. Yasmine’s brothers continue to threaten her fiancé Hossam. Hossam, heeding the persistent threats, begins to avoid Yasmine.

Dr. Amr checks himself into another hospital for his dangerous eye surgery. He is troubled with the insight of what it is like to be on the other side of a scalpel. He knows if the operation turns out badly he will lose his sight and his profession. Ramy continues to express his distaste for Ibrahim’s relationship with Basma. All the doctors show up at Amr’s bedside in the hospital in a surprise emotional display of support. All except Laila. She shows up alone after the others have left. Amr also receives an unwelcome visit from an acquaintance from his past. Yasmine’s brothers show up and violently disrupt her date on the corniche with Hossam.

Episode 13

Two boys are brought through the Emergency Room doors on gurneys, apparent victims of a car accident. It is revealed that one of the boys is responsible for the accident, which resulted in the paralysis of a man celebrating the launch of his life’s dream business venture. A plan is made to avoid his wrath involving powerful lawyers; a plan involving a look-a-like falsely claiming to have caused the accident and a member of the hospital’s trusted staff. Despite Youmna’s warnings, Khayreya continues to find Fouad’s attention harmless.

Ramy, on Fouad’s authority, begins to monitor Khaled’s methods sparking tension between the two friends. Ramy starts to scrutinize every move that Khaled makes in his search for a proper diagnosis. Aziza’s family life becomes more chaotic when she finds her son, Wael, working at a shady machine shop instead of in school. Laila again visits Amr, in the hospital and they share a touching moment. The episode ends with an uncomfortable encounter when Ramy visits Basma’s home and he is surprised to find Ibrahim there.

Episode 14

Ibrahim’s wife Samar expresses to Ibrahim her pain and the void she feels between them. Basma is beginning to resent Ibrahim hiding their relationship. Aziza, in typical fashion, has been taking care of her neighbor, Amal, who is in an abusive marriage. Amal is attacked in the ER by her husband. The husband is then forced by Khaled to agree to a divorce rather than receive a prison sentence. Ramy’s father disapproves of the career path Ramy has chosen and wants to force Ramy to leave the hospital. Ramy resists causing serious friction in his family. Khaled, after witnessing one of Fouad’s advances toward Youmna, begins to ignore her and reject any emotion he once felt for her. He returns his engagement ring. Fatima continues to remain emotionally distant from Tarek. She is fearful that her family’s class status will hinder a happy marriage with Tarek and his affluent family. Tarek’s mother reveals the same concern to Tarek. Aziza reassures Fatima and inspires her to follow her heart. Amr’s operation is a success. Fuoad will be absent from the office for a week and picks Ramy as administrator instead of Galal in his absence making Ramy now Galal’s boss.

Youmna confronts Laila about her questionable behavior with Amr. Aziza’s youngest son enters the ER with a gunshot wound he sustained in a criminal encounter with police. Ibrahim quickly attends to the boy in trauma where the bullet is discovered dangerously close to the spinal column threatening to leave him paralyzed if he survives. They rush the boy into the OR where Aziza is assisting on a case in the adjacent operating theater. She sees the chaos and notices the urgency expressed on Ibrahim and the nurses’ faces but does not realize that her son is indeed on the operating table. Once finished with her patient, Aziza hastily enters the other OR to help Ibrahim and breaks down when she discovers her son fighting for his life on the table. Aziza’s son will survive but she refuses to accept Ibrahim’s words when he tells her the boy will be paralyzed.

Episode 15

The doctors’ personal relationship challenges continue. Ramy tells his father of his promotion to acting Administrator of the hospital in Fouad’s absence. Ramy’s father is unimpressed. Khaled is still ignoring Youmna based on his mistrust over her past relationship with Fouad and Fouad’s recent inappropriate advances which Khaled has witnessed. Ramy creates a power struggle with Galal over hospital management. Dr. Amr returns to the hospital with 20-20 eyesight, ready to work. Khaled attempts to bring Moataz back to work at the hospital to resume his life. Moataz refuses. Yasmine and Hossam settle on a date to get married. Yasmine’s brothers’ constant harassment turns fatal when Yasmine discovers Hossam beaten, bloodied and unconscious in the street. Dr. Galal receives her fiancé and despite all his attempts, Hossam dies on the operating table in his care.

Ibrahim is hit by a truck as he rushes to meet Basma for a lunch date. The instant before impact, he is heroically able to shove Basma and her baby to safety thereby sacrificing himself. Dr. Amr and Dr. Ramy are in the ambulance bay to receive their friend, Ibrahim. The situation is indeed critical. The doctors take their critically injured friend directly to the OR. Basma and Samar watch and wait together for news on the fate of Ibrahim.

Episode 16

Ibrahim’s fight for his life continues as Ramy and Amr discover that their friend and peer is dying from a serious head injury as well as kidney failure. Two procedures must be done simultaneously in order to save their colleague’s life. The risky procedures seem successful but Ibrahim remains in critical condition in the ICU until…Safeya rushes to inform Dr. Galal that Ibrahim’s remaining kidney is failing. Galal and Ramy’s power struggle continues while the two try to save Ibrahim. Galal takes over the procedure after ordering Ramy to leave the OR. Outside the OR, Samar and Basma meet. Both showing equal interest and concern for the fallen doctor Ibrahim. Samar notices the attachment Basma has for Ibrahim and realizes it is not a simple patient/doctor relationship that they have.

Ibrahim is eventually stabilized but remains on a dialysis machine while he waits for a matching donor. Dr. Tamer intercepts a file containing the med students final grades and reads the results aloud in reception. Mounira is crushed to find out she failed and will not become a doctor. All her colleagues have passed including Fatima who is shocked when Aziza, who is still reeling with pain over her son’s paralysis, takes the time to congratulate her on her accomplishment. While Fatima’s career moves forward, her relationship with Tarek deteriorates. A couple come in to the hospital hoping to find a solution to their problem and they discover why they can’t have a child. Youmna struggles to save her relationship with Khaled but Khaled is not cooperating.

Episode 17

Aziza’s story continues when the police officer leading the investigation in her son Wael’s case reveals that the boy’s participation in a crime may warrant a prison sentence. Khaled, after receiving rare insight from Tamer, opens up to Youmna while the two communicate through their patients. Amr receives another threatening phone call from his ‘associate’ from his past. The phone call leaves Amr shaken. He confides in Khaled hinting at the meaning of this recurring drama. Ramy’s father leaves for work looking pale and weak. His car rear-ends another car as he falls unconscious behind the wheel. Ramy is in the midst of an operation when the reception desk patches a phone call to his OR. It’s a paramedic and he is in an ambulance transporting Ramy’s father who is suffering from a major heart attack.

Ramy takes the phone and attempts to talk the nervous paramedic through the life saving procedure while his hands are busy at work saving the patient who lays on the table before him. The paramedic does as Ramy instructs but the heart attack is too much. Ramy’s father dies in transport as Ramy listens. Ramy never stops his work. In typical Ramy fashion, he remains composed and professional. It is not until he is alone in his car that his emotions overtake him. He sits alone and mourns.

Episode 18

After the funeral of Ramy’s father the hospital continues to operate as usual. A young girl while celebrating her birthday begins to violently choke. Dr. Khaled and Dr. Amr take the case and discover the young girl has a tumor in her throat. Amr operates without the proper consent ultimately saving the young girls life. Dr. Magda (Sawsan Badr) returns to the hospital to check on a patient of hers who was brought to the ER for an emergency procedure. She finds him in the OR with Dr. Galal who invites her in to assist. Fouad intervenes and promptly demands that Magda must get out the operating theater at once embarrassing both Galal and Magda. Moataz comes into the hospital to meet with his wife, Laila. He wants to patch things up but can’t get over the growing rumors involving her behavior toward Dr. Amr. Tamer discovers he is a match as a kidney donor for his friend Ibrahim. He is disappointed, however, when Ibrahim rejects his offer. A woman suffering from injuries from what appears to be a car accident enters the ER. Doctors Khaled and Amr rush her into Trauma. An argument over procedure between the two doctors quickly escalates into a full-blown physical fight that continues only to be interrupted by the sound of the Vital Sign Indicator flat-lining.

The attention quickly returns to the dying patient as the doctors jump in and stabilize the girl. In reception, Mounira returns to the delight of Mohamed Hussein and Hanan with a group of new interns. Fatima, excited to see her friend take another stab at fulfilling her internship, volunteers to guide the students through the hospital. The tour is interrupted when Tarek shows up to attempt to win Fatima’s affection back again. Khaled receives a patient in reception who is dying of leukemia. While treating the ailing woman, with assistance from her doctor who is also her boyfriend, Khaled discovers the true meaning of love, compassion and lifelong commitment. He realizes what he must do to ensure a happy life with Youmna. The Episode comes to a conclusion with Ibrahim in OR I and Basma in OR 2. Basma is donating a kidney to save Ibrahim after Ibrahim’s wife has been rejected as a donor. Samar watches through the OR window as Basma’s kidney is given to Ibrahim. After the operation she puts her jealousy aside and goes to thank Basma for saving her husband Ibrahim’s life.

Episode 19

Youmna is treating a patient that results in her own self discovery and lessons learned through someone else’s experiences. Youmna struggles with a dilemma when she has to decide whether or not to keep a secret when the patient’s husband comes in. Fatima, tired of Tarek’s badgering about their pending wedding, is provided some wisdom on relationships from an elderly patient who quietly observes her interaction with Tarek. A recovering Basma insists on being taken to visit Ibrihim but leaves unseen when she discovers Samar is there. Ramy comes home to Mariam but he is distracted by his thoughts of his child with Basma as Mariam tries to speak to him.

Episode 20

The two Trauma Bays become occupied when a mother and son enter the ER after being pulled from a potentially fatal car accident. While Youmna struggles to save the boy, Doctors Khaled and Amr work frantically to stabilize the mother. Fouad enters Trauma and quickly usurps Khaled’s authority and relinquishes the patient’s treatment to Dr. Amr. Khaled’s protests result in a loud argument with Fouad attracting attention from Youmna in the other Trauma Bay. Khaled is forced from the room resulting in Youmna following while giving her final orders to the nurse. Khaled, still upset from the scene in Trauma, finds a panicked nurse with the boy Youmna was treating. Khaled soon discovers, Youmna, being distracted by Khaled’s argument with Fouad, ordered the wrong blood for the child nearly causing his death.

Khaled falsifies the medical chart of the boy by signing the blood order with his name, taking the blame for Youmna’s terrible mistake. Fouad immediately fires Dr. Khaled for the careless error. The doctors rally individually in support of their friend and protest the termination of Dr. Khaled. Dr. Amr finds a threatening note from the old ‘acquaintance’ in his locker. Ibrahim remains unconscious in the ICU as the hospital staff nervously hope and wait for the kidney transplant to take. Amr seeks out Laila and confesses his feelings for her. Samar is beside an unconscious Ibrahim when he calls out Basma’s name. Khaled leaves the hospital having been fired for Youmna’s mistake.

Episode 21

Youmna believes Fouad fired Khaled out of spite toward her. Fouad produces the medical chart with the order for the wrong blood authorized by Khaled’s signature. The rest of the hospital staff prepare for the celebration of Aziza’s birthday. As the gang gathers in reception, Youmna questions Laila’s behavior with Amr and her subsequent treatment of Dr. Moataz. Youmna’s persistent badgering continues through the hospital corridors until they reach reception to surprise Aziza with happy birthday greetings. Laila, tired of the rumors and judgments from the entire hospital staff regarding her behavior toward Amr, vents her frustration on everyone in attendance. She shouts at all of them ruining Aziza’s birthday party. She exposes all their shortcomings: Ramy neglecting Mariam because he is distracted by the relationship between Basma and Ibrahim, Youmna and her inability to solve her own issues with Khaled, Galal’s inability to stop Fouad from destroying the morale of the hospital, and finally, Aziza with all the love and support she provides the staff but can’t keep her own family together. After her rant Laila exits the hospital leaving the staff in shock.

Mr. Abdullah comes to the hospital and fires Fouad reinstalling Galal as the hospital Administrator. Ramy turns in his resignation to Galal. He finally gives in to what his father wanted for him when he was alive. Ramy exits the hospital leaving behind his life as an Emergency Room doctor. The joyous wedding of Fatima and Tarek helps the doctors forget about the difficulties of the hospital. Khaled asks Youmna to set a date for their wedding. Dr. Tamer, left at the hospital while the others celebrate, doesn’t take his wife’s call seriously and brushes her second call off as well. After his shift Tamer goes home to find a terrible tragedy has occurred.

Episode 22

Galal hires Dr. Khaled back because of Youmna’s resignation and confession that it was her mistake, not Khaled’s, which almost killed the young patient. The doctors are shocked by the sudden death of Tamer’s wife. They are even more shocked when Tamer returns to work so soon as though nothing happened. Two boxers, whose competitive spirit is not confined to the ring, enter the ER after nearly beating each other to death. The rounds continue in the ICU when a fight breaks out between the two boxers.

A serious brain injury is discovered in one of the boxers that requires an immediate operation. The doctors are very apprehensive when Tamer volunteers to perform the dangerous operation. Galal approves but Tamer displays the first sign of the deep sadness he had been concealing when he breaks down in the middle of the risky procedure. He finally collects himself, finishes the procedure and saves the young boxer’s life. Galal in his regained position of Administrator hires Magda back as Assistant Administrator.

Episode 23

This Episode introduces the addition of new doctors and interns to the team with the merger of another hospital to ours. Four doctors join the hospital staff. The first is Hisham (Tarek Lotfy), the arrogant surgeon who’s ‘been there and done that’ attitude is apparent with his first introduction to the team. He walks away as Galal announces their arrival already not impressed by his new surroundings. It seems to the others that he’s going to be trouble. When Khaled confronts the new doctor he shrugs off the attempt at communication. This attitude again is displayed toward Tamer in the doctors’ lounge. Seleem (Yasser Galal), another veteran doctor is as skilled at medicine as he is at winning the affection of women. He quickly puts his sights on Mounira. Hoda (Hanan Motawie), is proven to be a confident doctor but lacks the same security when it comes to relationships. Nagwa (Dorra) is the pretty, new outgoing doctor who eagerly explores the new hospital and her new peers. Her friendly outgoing personality is immediately misunderstood.

Youssef (Ahmed Hatem) is a handsome new intern who is very serious about his studies. Aysha (Amy Samir Ghanem) is the homely new intern who strives for love while, like Youssef, is very serious about learning as much as she can about medicine and the hospitals methods. Shaza (Yousra El-Lozy) is the pretty intern who brings with her the knowledge of state of the art medical procedures. Amir (Ramsi Lehner) is somewhat of a slacker. He’s a liar, distrustful and devious. He spends more time on which authority within the hospital will help him advance as opposed tospending it on hard work and studying. Ibrahim is out of the ICU. While confined to a wheelchair he is charged with the task of teaching the new students through lecture and example.

Episode 24

The new doctors and interns continue to adapt to their new surroundings. Seleem continues his pursuit of Mounira. Khaled again confronts Hisham about his rude treatment of the other staff members. Seleem calmly works his way through an extremely difficult operation with Dr. Hoda and Yousef present. Dr. Hoda tries to teach Yousef about a procedure but is sharply reprimanded by Selim embarrassing her and forcing her to rush out of the OR. Yousef later finds her crying and tries to comfort her. Shaza is eager to learn as well as share her knowledge of the latest advances in medicine. She impresses the experienced Dr. Khaled by suggesting a new method to mend precarious fractures of the vertebrae. Aysha, having been insulted by one of her patients, is reassured by Hanan who demands an apology from the inconsiderate patient. Ibrahim leaves Amir to stitch a head wound on his own.

After struggling, failing and, ultimately, causing pain to the suture victim, Galal takes the needle and thread from Amir and skillfully closes the wound. Amir is faking his way through the procedure like he is faking his way through the learning process in general. Dr. Khaled and Dr. Galal observe a meeting of the new doctors and are impressed by their cooperative methods. The gregarious Nagwa posts some party invites in an attempt to bring the old team and new arrivals together.

Episode 25

Dr. Hoda appears to be taking a liking to the young intern, Youssef, requesting his assistance with her rounds. Doctor Khaled repeats his attempts to reach through Hisham’s rough exterior. He knows there’s a good person to go along with the excellent surgeon. Dr. Seleem continues to pursue Mounira who is clearly falling for him. Youssef is clueless about Hoda’s intentions and has his sights on another colleague. He has something important he needs to discuss with Aysha… is she finally the one? Her mother has other plans however, as she arranges for a suitor to meet Aysha after her shift. Khaled hands out announcements of Khaled and Youmna’s pending wedding. Ibrahim struggles with his deteriorating home life and assures his son he’ll always be there for him even if he lives elsewhere.

Khaled is forced to work with Hisham on a critical car accident trauma. Khaled is bothered by the way Hisham ignores the victim’s family as they rush the gurney into the OR. Shaza is very impressed by Khaled’s manner when caring for the family. This is a skill Shaza wants to learn from Khaled. The doctor helps her learn then makes her inform the family of the results of their loved one’s operation. Ibrahim is growing frustrated being confined to a wheelchair. He begins to fear that this may turn into a permanent crutch that prevents Basma from getting all she deserves from life and from him as a partner. Basma stands fast and professes her love for Ibrahim, wheelchair and all. Dr. Amr receives yet another phone call from the criminal’s brother. Amr leaves the hospital to meet him with tragic results.

Episode 26

Layla’s phone calls to Amr go unanswered as he lies in the street among the bodies and debris of a destroyed café. Aysha still has a crush on Youssef but she now sadly realizes his romantic interests are leading him elsewhere. Nagwa removes her party invitations under Galal’s advice. Her outgoing personality is misunderstood in the hospital. When Seleem meets the pretty young daughter of a patient he invites her to lunch much to the dismay of Mounira who has now fallen prey to him. Ibrahim gets out of Basma's car and enters the hospital without his wheelchair. The staff greets and congratulates him as he makes his way through the corridors with the aid of crutches. A heroin addict who’s overdosed is rushed through the ER doors with her young son franticly running after the gurney.

Hisham takes the emotional case. Will this case finally affect the skeptical doctor Hisham? Mohamed Hussein’s world is turned upside down when his stepfather, Khalil, has been assigned to work alongside him at the reception desk. Hisham’s heroin overdose patient leaves the hospital after being saved by Hisham. She abandons her son in reception as she tearfully leaves Khalil with him . Hisham attempts to impart some of his cynical realism on the young boy by convincing him his mother will never return. She proves the doctor wrong and returns - dead from another overdose of heroin. Ibrahim sadly leaves his wife and son behind as he moves into his own flat.

Episode 27

Khaled and Youmna make wedding arrangements. They both know that living with Khaled’s father once they are married will cause them problems. Amir, one of the new interns, bloodied and with lacerations on his face, is treated by Ibrahim. As Dr. Ibrahim begins to suture his student’s wounds he learns of Amir’s harrowing experience. Ibrahim listens as Amir explains how he came to the rescue of a young woman being harassed on the street. This is the story Amir shares with anyone who will listen. Youssef approaches his love interest, Shaza. Shaza, however is not interested in Youssef or any relationship at this time. Hisham is ill and has lost his capacity to speak. Khaled takes advantage of Hisham’s situation. Ibrahim reveals to his students that he can now walk without the use of crutches.

They cheer for the popular teacher. Tamer is beginning to show interest in Nagwa. Another victim of a fight enters the ER. As Khaled treats the man he learns the true story of Amir’s boastful claims of heroism. It was Amir who ultimately caused the fight. Khaled forces a confession from the devious young intern in front of Dr. Magda and the hospital staff. The episode ends with the horrifying crash of the hospital’s ambulance that is transporting one of Ibrahim’s patients accompanied by two of the hospitals most trusted and loved paramedics.

Episode 28

Amr is in a coma and fighting for his life in the ICU. Khaled speculates with Tamer on the possibility that Amr’s past may have caught up with him. Amir prescribes the wrong medication to a patient who almost dies and blames Hanan for this decision. Galal stands by Amir’s accusation and chastises Hanan. Seleem continues to manipulate Mounira. Mohamed Hussein announces the crash of the hospital’s ambulance and the identity of the victims who will be brought into the ER. All of the available doctors wait in the ambulance bay ready to jump into action to save the members of their hospital family. Both traumas and both OR’s are used to treat the patients and the paramedics, each struggling for survival. The staff all pitch in to help save their friends. Khaled becomes overwhelmed with emotion over the gravity of the situation, which forces Seleem to take total control of the OR. In a heart wrenching finale all of the patients are lost.

The doctors sit silently in the doctors’ lounge when Tamer enters with words that try to bring the staff back to reality. This is a hospital where patients come in and, God willing, go back out. It is a place that needs to be prepared for the cases that are unable to leave the ER doors and be ready for the next who enter. Back in the ICU, a nurse is checking on Amr when he suddenly comes out of his coma and grabs the unsuspecting nurse saying something the nurse doesn’t understand but the nurse is sure it is important. Khaled rushes into the room but Amr is unresponsive and has slipped back into his deep coma. At home, Laila is ill. She wakes in the middle of the night nauseous and discovers she is pregnant. Life goes on in the hospital. Khaled gives out more wedding invitations.

Episode 29

Khaled goes around the hospital with a handful of wedding invitations. He hands them out to whomever he runs into. Tamer is no longer thinking of Nagwa as a colleague with interests in common but is now thinking of Nagwa as a future wife. As Aysha describes her ideal husband and the dream life they would share in their dream house, Youssef suddenly realizes that these are his dreams too. Tamer reveals his desire to marry Nagwa to Ibrahim. Ibrahim tells Tamer to take some time to truly consider his feelings. Tamer does not appreciate this opinion from his friend. He’s made his decision. Hisham’s skeptical nature begins to build the wall again when he is forced to inform a mother that she is dying. He saves the woman’s baby but is extremely frustrated that all his powers and skills cannot relieve this woman of her fatal ailment. Doctor Magda confronts Amir about his rudeness, lying and scheming ways. Khalid visits Ramy at Ramy’s villa. He invites him to his wedding with Youmna and attempts to convince him to return to work at the hospital where he belongs. Ramy refuses both invitations. He is traveling abroad to oversee the opening of other hospitals.

Moataz shows up at the hospital and excitedly hugs Laila. She reveals to him that she is going to have their child. Layla visits the unconscious Amr and speaks to him as though he were awake, She “tells him” she’s pregnant with Moataz’ child. Tamer’s love for Nagwa is unrequited. He grows impatient of her lack of attention toward him. Nagwa’s feelings for Tamer are different. He’s just a friend to her and nothing more. In a moment of clarity, Tamer realizes he was attempting use Nagwa to fill the void he’s felt since his wife died. The episode closes emotionally with Tamer at home alone with his children. He weeps.

Episode 30

Youssef confesses his love for Aysha. Their goals in life are aligned. Two EMT’s crash through the entrance of the ER. Shaza, Aysha, Amir and Seleem rush to assess the situation and are stunned to discover that the woman on the gurney dying from renal kidney failure is in fact the woman Dr. Ibrahim has fallen in love with, Basma. Her remaining kidney is giving way and her life rests in their hands. Seleem stabilizes Basma and orders the young interns to closely observe her as she recovers in the ICU. He tells the students to stay with Basma at all times as her situation remains critical. While under their watchful eye, Basma goes into convulsions. She is dying before them. Amir runs to find Seleem leaving Shaza and Aysha to struggle to find the cause of Basma’s convulsions. Shaza, in a panic, injects a huge dose of serum into Basma’s IV. The rash decision and the frantic attempt to save Basma results in her death. They stare horrified at the lifeless Basma; friend of the hospital, mother of Ramy’s child, and Ibrahim’s lover. Ibrahim races to the hospital looking for Basma. Despite Mohamed Hussein’s attempts to stop him, he pushes past and continues his search for her. He finds her in the ICU dead.

Ibrahim breaks down and sobs as he holds Basma in his arms. Amir initiates a vow of silence between himself, Aysha and Shaza and he tells Galal she just died as they struggled to help her. He never mentions the injection she was mistakenly given by Shaza that killed her. The news spreads fast. Ramy comes home to his wife Mariam and tells her of the death of Basma. He is shocked and grief stricken. What will become of his son? Ibrahim goes to Samar. He breaks down as he reveals the news. Life for the hospital family goes on however. The season concludes with the joyful wedding of Khaled and Youmna. And one undisputable fact remains in the long run: the doors of the Emergency Room will continue to open with people entering in need of the care provided within, and for the treated and healed who find themselves so fortunate to exit and go on with their lives.

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